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what is E-Passport ? e-passport A-Z services .

E-Passport is an electronic passport.  This is a new update of the present era.  Its allrady launched in many countries . Electronic passport has many advantages, let’s not know today .

1.  How to create an e-passport?

2. How much money is needed to make an e-passport?

3. How many years will the e-passport have?

4.  E-passport rules for children and the elderly?

5. How many pages will the e-passport hold?

6.  What is the legal system for e-passport?

7.  Which country is making e-passport frist ?

8.  Warnings and benefits of using e-passport?

9. Where I can make an my electronice passport?

1. How is e-passport made?

Electronic Passport , This is a modern passport system of the present era ‘. 
 The passport will be used to create your (ten fingerprints) and two eye scanned.  This type of system is called retina scan.  Retina Scan Detects 36,000 locations in your eyes. 

The point is, its is created through your 10 fingerprints and eye retina scan.

2. How much money is needed to make an e-passport?

The amount of money to make e-passport in many country is different . Many country has many different amounts of money .

  Usually on the passport system selected amount :-

1. If you want to get within 15 days you have to deposit $79
   .  15% VAT will be associated with that.

2.  Apart from this, if you want to get the passport t of the business system for 7 days, you have to deposit $160 and there is a 15% VAT arrangement.

3.  If you want to get a passport in 1 day , you have to pay $180 and 15% VAT is attached to it.  Currently, e-passports will be issued on these three systems in many country. Mentioning how much money is required to generate passport, it has not yet been implemented.  In implementation, this may increase or decrease.

3.  How many years will the e-passport be issued?

The e-passport will usually be given for a period of 5 years and 10 years.  The amount of money to make a 5-year passport is higher than the 10-year passport needing money . But it is not yet known how much money will be needed.

4.  E-passport rules for children and adults?

Children under the age of 18 will be given a 5-year passport.  And 60 year old people will also be given a five year passport.
For adults 18 to 60, both 5 year and 10 year passports will be issued.

Why , five-year passport will be issued for the children and the elderly ??

It was said that 10 fingerprints and retina scan would be done to create the passport.  As the children grow to older, and changes in the grapes of the hand and the size of the eye is continue to increase. 

In the elderly, the fingers of their hands are folded and the retina of the eye becomes smaller.  The reason for this problem may be due to the change in the e-passport for a longer period . This reasoin E-passport will be provided to the elderly and children five years.

5. How many pages will the e-passport hold?

The e-passport will usually have 40 pages and 70 pages attached.
  In this case, if you want to pass a 40 page passport, the amount will be a little . If you want to pass the 70-page passport, you need to increase the amount.

6. What is the legal procedure for e-passport?

When you create an passport , your ten fingerprints and eye retina will be scanned.
If you are involved in any kind of anti-legal goods, or any illegal weapons and drug trafficking . when moving from one country to another, you will easily be arested by police with ten fingerprints and eye retina.

  This rule is now too serious to be legally enforced.  At present no such rules have been introduced in any other rule other than passport.  That’s why these things are so important.

7.  Which country is making e-passport frist ?

The German company has decided to create electronice passport first . The German government has adopted such a project.  Germany govermant tuach many countrys people .  After learning how to make this passport, the employe back their country and make e-pasport for there won country .

8.  Warnings and benefits of using e-passport:

  # What should I do if I lose my passport, get burnt, and get soaked in water?

Warning of using passport If your passport is ever lost, or is damaged, burned, or soaked in water for any reason, you should contact the office from which you made the passport.

If you are involved with an illegal business, Tha police will not need much time to identify.  These passport users if their passport activities are done correctly.
When you enter the airport, you have to go through the machine called e-machine.  And when your passport is given inside a machine, your retina scan and ten fingerprints will be seen.

9.  Is it possible to make an e-passport from any office?

  E-passport can be made from the same office that you used to make common MRP type passports from. its is the same office .

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