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What is agent banking ? Agent Banking all information .

What is Agent Banking and benefits ?

bank has its own central location.  In addition to this central location, the bank has branches in various districts of the country. If there are many other smaller banking branches under the control of those branches, then these smaller branches are called agent branches.  If you open an account at Agent’s Point, your account will be an Agent Banking Account.  This type of banking system is called Agent Banking.

For example, suppose the main center of the Dutch Bangla Bank is located in Dhaka.  There is a branch bank of Dutch Bangla Bank in every district of Bangladesh.  If each district has many smaller branches under that bank, then those branches are called Agent Banking Branches.

1.  Agent Banking can open an account with a minimum 10 taka .

2.  You can open all types of accounts by going to Agent Point.

For example
Student account
  Savings Account
Current account, etc.

3.  If your home is in the village, then there will be some agent points next to you, as your chances of getting agent banking at your post office is high.  With Agent Point near your hand, you will know all the controls of your bank, money deposit costs, and even bank charges at that agent point.

4. All kinds of transactions, fund deposits, sending money from one bank to another, sending money to any agent point in the country, etc., will get the benefits.
After all, the benefits you get when you open an account by going to the Central Bank, you get those benefits when you go to an agent point, as well as some other benefits that I will mention later.

5.  After opening an account at Agent Bank, you will be able to deposit a minimum of Rs. 10 per day.  Besides, if you go to the agent to deposit the money, the money will be deposited in your bank as soon as possible through the computer.

6.  Every time you deposit, withdraw money, fund transfer, deposit, etc., that is, if you complete any transaction at the bank, you will be notified of the complete details of the transaction on your phone via SMS.

7.  By using your fingerprint, that is biometrics will give you complete account security.  In addition, if you withdraw money from your own agent point of view using the fingerprint in a biometric manner from the bank, you will be able to withdraw money completely at no charge to banks.

8.  Agent Banking, you can get 1 ATM card, VISA card, Master (MASTERCARD) card, that is, the type of card that is available in the bank through Agent Banking.

9.  Under the bank under which the agent will open the account, you can withdraw money from any ATM booth of the bank through a card, without any charge.

For example, if you open an agent account with a Dutch-Bangla Bank. if you use ATM card of Dutch Bangla Bank, then no money will be charged if you withdraw money from any Dutch Bangla Bank ATM booth in the country.  That is, you do not have to pay the 2% positive charge of that Dutch Bangla Bank.  If you open an agent account and withdraw money using Dutch Bangla Bank ATM card.

10.  Regardless of the amount of money you have in your agent account, you will receive a certain amount of profit on it.  The bank’s profit is usually paid on agent banking (2-4) percent.

11. Agent Banking has the advantage of withdrawing at least Rs 10 from any ATM booth.  You can withdraw up to 10 ATM booths a day using Agent Bank Account.

12.  Agent can raise a maximum of 5 lakh taka a day in the account.  Even if you make money from the ATM booth ten times a day, you can’t raise the maximum of five lakhs a day.

13.  Agent Accounting has the advantage of paying electricity bills, water bills, gas bills, dis bills, various types of bills using agent account.
Also, if you want to do passport, visa, passport and visa money and agent account can be paid.

14. Remittance money from abroad can be withdrawn at the agent’s account without any charge.  That means you can withdraw money from overseas at no charge, using hand finger prints using agent bank accounts.

15. At the agent point at which you open the agent account, there is no charge for withdrawing money from that agent point. If the other agent goes to the point and picks up a .25 percent charge,  That is, only Rs 2.50 will be charged to raise Rs 1000.

16. If you open an agent account, you will be given a check book.  Using check book you can withdraw money from any bank without any charge.

17.  Any agent can send money from the point to the main bank.  In that case, suppose you have opened an agent banking account of Dutch Bangla Bank, now I can transfer money from this agent account to Sonali Bank.  (Charge will apply)

18.  Agent can make fixed deposit with minimum 10,000 taka, using bank account.  Fixed deposit with a minimum amount of Rs.  But when you open an agent account, you can make a fixed deposit with only Tk 10,000

19.  Agent Banking allows you to open a DPS account with a minimum of 500 taka.  All security agents are covered by this account.

20.  Since Agent Point is within reach of your area / hand, you do not have to go to the main branch if there are any problems with the account.  In this case, all kinds of assistance will be available at Agent Point.  Using biometric / fingerprint will give full security to your account as the account is protected.

Agent banking has become very popular nowadays.  Agent banking is being used in many developed and developing countries of the world.  Advanced countries like Brazil and Canada have agent banking systems.  Since the security of the agent account is provided using biometric fingerprints, it has grown in popularity. 

The general public will need a bank account.  Moreover, you do not have to go to the main branch to save money.  You can get all the benefits of opening an account at an agent’s account point ahead of your home.

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