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The necessary documents to open a bank account .

In order to open a bank account, you must first know what you need to show to the bank.  You can call it directly from the bank’s helpline number.  Now I will talk about the necessary things, which if you call the bank helpline, will tell you the same thing. now we try to know that The necessary documents to opan a bank account .

Let’s know what you need to know to open a bank account: –

 necessary documantes to opan a bank account .

1.  NID card:

  No matter where you live, you must have a national ID, or a birth certificate.  However, most banks in our country do not open a bank account without a national identity card.  There are some banks that open a bank account without a national identity card.
There is a bank name (Madhumati Bank Limited) and there are other banks in which you can open a bank account without a national identity card.
Or you own
  Driving license
You can open a bank account with a photocopy of it.  You must submit a photocopy of any one. It is a necessary documents to opan a bank account .

2. Address proof:

If you want to open an account with a good bank, you must provide proof of address.  Your current address will be required to provide them with proof.
  In this case you
Water bill
Gas bill
Electricity bill
Or you can submit statement paper in another bill.  However, you must provide the current address.  Now many of you may think that I have proof of my address on the NID card.  So why do I have to submit it again?
  The answer is: – The bank will occasionally send you many letters. If you do not receive them, your bank account is likely to be closed.

What the current address means: –
  If you now live in Gopalganj and after some time shift to Dhaka.  Then your Permanent Address will be Gopalganj and the current address will be Dhaka.  In that case you have to prove it with a statement.  Otherwise, it may make it difficult to open different bank accounts.

3. Your Statement

What is the statement of the account?
There are many banks in our country that have the opportunity to open different types of accounts.

For example
Savings account
Business account
Student account etc.

Now if you want to open a Student Account, you must submit a Student ID Card.  Otherwise, such an account can never be opened.

  Or, if you want to open a business account
Photocopies of the E-tin Certificate must be submitted.
  Or you need to show your business passport.

In addition, if you want to open another account, you will need to open a bank account by submitting such statement.  Or if you are a doctor engineer or whatever, you have to submit it if you have a visiting card.  If you have a statement that you are freelancing or making money online, then you can submit any payment proof freelancing.
However, Dutch Bangla Bank is now a very popular banking system for opening a Student Account and Savings Account. It is a necessary documents to opan a bank account .

4. Nominees:

You must have a nominee.  In that case, the nominee may be your spouse, son / daughter, your friend or whoever you are, in which case your nominee must have a photocopy and two copies of his / her national ID card.  In some cases, the nominee may have to go directly with you to open a bank account.

Now why do we need namini?
Why give the nominee’s name to all of your relatives?

When you open a bank account, you will submit a copy of your donation name and ID card.  In your case, he will manage your bank account.  Suppose you move abroad, your account will be handled in the name of your nominee.
In the event that there is a possibility of fraud, you will give the bank’s nominee name to someone in your family.

5. Someone already known:

In the branch where you open the bank account, you must have an account with someone you know.
  That will prove your address later.  In that case, anyone you know who has a bank account will need an account number and a signature.  In this case you can get help from the account with the bank,
  But to help, you need to know the answer to some questions?
If the person you help is definitely not the person you know, don’t sign.  Because if he deals with an Iligali or a militant organization, you have to go to the law first.  In that case, you must be careful of this.  And if you do not know, do not give your signature or account number when making such an account.
Now, many may wonder, what if I give an account number or the signature of anyone’s name?  In that case it is never possible to do so.  Because the bank will first look for that account provided to you, if you do not get it then your bank account is most likely to be canceled.

6. Bank Branches:

Bank branch selection is certainly an important factor.  If there is a problem with your account, the first thing you need to do is go to the bank branch that you have opened an account with.  Now suppose you have opened your account in Chittagong branch, but you are living in Rajshahi.  If there is a problem with your account then you cannot settle your problem in Rajshahi.  You must contact the Chittagong branch first.  So open your account at the nearest branch.

Can a branch of a bank account be changed?

Of course the bank account branch can be changed.  If you now open a bank account at a Chittagong branch, and later live in Dhaka, you can switch from a Chittagong bank account to any branch in Dhaka.  Therefore, it may take 4 to 5 days to contact your Chittagong Bank branch. It is safest to have your account at the branch where you live.

7.  Minimum amount for opening an account:

You must deposit a minimum amount to open an account.  It can be from 500 to several varieties.  For example, if you want to open a Student Account, you must deposit 500 rupees.
If you want to open a savings account, you will have to pay 5 rupees.  Or if you want to open an account with Swiss Bank, you will have to open an account by depositing Tk 1 crore.
In this case different banks have different types of money deposit system
  The bank will determine how much money to deposit.  The money will be credited to your account.  The bank will not charge any of these.
It will always be credited to your account. You will be able to withdraw this money later.  However, you need to keep a minimum amount of money in different accounts at all times, so you can contact the bank..

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