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The history of the c language

In this post, you can know about The history of the c language.  I will explain all about the history of C programming. you can know about C programming Language history and many more C programming language-related information.  read this post carefully and learn about the history of the C programming language. 

History of c language

C’ seems a strange name for a programming language. But this strange-sounding language is one of the most popular computer languages today because it is a structured, high-level, machine-independent language. It allows software developers to develop programs without worrying about the hardware platforms where they will be implemented.

 The root of all modern languages is ALGOL, introduced in the early 1960s. ALGOL was the first computer language to use a block structure. Although it never became popular in the USA, it was widely used in Europe. ALGOL gave the concept of structured programming to the computer science community. Computer scientists like Corrado Bohm, Giuseppe Jacopini and Edsger Dijkstra popularized this concept during the 1960s. Subsequently, several languages were announced. 

In 1967, Martin Richards developed a language called BCPL (Basic Combined Programming Language) primarily for writing system software. In 1970, Ken Thompson created a language using many features of BCPL and called it simply B. B was used to create early versions of UNIX operating systems at Bell Laboratories, Both BCPL and B were “typeless” system programming languages.

 C was evolved from ALGOL, BCPL, and B by Dennis Ritchie at the Bell Laboratories in 1972. C uses many concepts from these languages and adds the concept of data types and other powerful features. Since it was developed along with the UNIX operating system, it is strongly associated with UNIX. This operating system, which was also developed at Bell Laboratories, was coded almost entirely in C. UNIX is one of the most popular network operating systems in use today and the heart of the Internet data superhighway.

 For many years, C was used mainly in academic environments, but eventúally with the release of many C compilers for commercial use and the increasing popularity of UNIX, it began to gain widespread support among computer professionals. Today, C is running under a variety of operating systems and hardware platforms. 

During the 1970s, C had evolved into what is now known as “traditional C”. The language became more popular after the publication of the book “The C Programming Language’ by Brian Kerningham and Dennis Ritchie in 1978. The book was so popular that the language came to be known as “K&R C” among the programming community. The rapid growth of C led to the development of different versions of the language that were similar but often incompatible. This posed a serious problem for system developers.

To assure that the C language remains standard, in 1983, American National Standards Institute ANSI) appointed a technical committee to define a standard for C. The committee approved a version of C in December 1989 which is now known as ANSI C. It was then approved by the International Standards Organization (ISO) in 1990. This version of C is also referred to as C89.

 During the 1990’s, C++, a language entirely based on C, underwent a number of improvements and changes and became an ANSI/ISO approved language in November 1977. C++ added several new features to C to make it not only a true object-oriented language but also a more versatile language. During the same period, Sun Microsystems of USA created a new language Java modeled on C and C++. 

All popular computer languages are dynamic in nature. They continue to improve their power and scope by incorporating new features and C is no exception. Although C++ and Java were evolved out of C, the standardization committee of C felt that a few features of C++/Java, if added to C, would enhance the usefulness of the language. The result was the 1999 standard for C. This version is usually referred to as C99.

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