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Savings account and current account all fees and faciliyts.

 In our country, there are generally two types of banking systems most commonly known. They are Savings Account and Current Account . Now we are going to know ehich banking system is halpfull in every person . In this post we know every qurstion of savings and current account banking system .

Also  there are some other banking systems, such as Agent Banking, a branch of a bank that are usually similar to Savings account Banking.
 If you want to do banking in a bank, a certain amount of charge will have to be paid.  If you open an account with a savings account or a current account, you will have to pay a certain amount of charge for that.

 1. What is a Savings Account?

If you open a account for personal its called shavings account . Shavings account has many facility and halpfull for every person .

Savings account facilitys

 Saving account will open any type of Amount,  For example, you can open an account with any kind of money starting from taka 10. This type of banking account will be a savings account.  You can keep it in a savings account. Starting at Rs.10 and up to lakhs and billions.  If you want to open an account of bank you can easily open a savings account.  But the current account is not so easy to opening , there is a chance of saving account if you keep the money and never make any kind of deposit, transaction, then no problem.  With this account you can get ATM Card, Visa Debit Card.  Each year you will receive a certain amount of profit on your money.

 2. Who can open a savings banking account?

 Generally anyone can open a savings account.  There are no rules for this.  However, those who are above 18 years of age, If you have your won National ID card, you can open Savings account easyly . You can open an account with any bank in your country .  Whether you are a teacher, doctor, engineer or do any work, you can open a savings account with a minimum of amount .  And you can get all the benefits of a bank.

 3. What is current banking account?

If you need many high label transction , big ammount od deposite , business account then bank give you a current aaccount . When you need big amount of servive then you open a bank account its called current account .

Current account facilitys

It can be said that the account is always running, For example, if you want to open moving money, deposit money, make transactions, send from one place to another, invest money in different places for business, then you have to open a current account.  The current account does not currently allow permissions to open. 

Because the current account management is very low in many country.  Because of this, very few people are allowed to use the current account.  If you open a current account, you will get all the advantages and disadvantages like agent banking on any bank. You can take debit card, master card, ATM card  You can transfer money from one bank to another.  Moreover, the bank will give you a certain amount of profit on your money.  That is all the benefits you get in the current account.

4. Who can open a current account?

Usually in many country such accounts are used by very few people.  If you are a businessman, you will be allowed to do this type of banking. That is why you will have to submit your e-tin certificate, photocopy of business license, ePassport.  If you are a normal person then I would say banking your agent.  You can get all kinds of benefits when you open an agent banking like savings account.

 5.  How does the bank determine the charge per account?

 The bank usually charges on the all type of bank account .  Every 6 months afterwards, your bank will have to pay a charge against your account. It will be deducted from your account. Or you can pay the bank. Therefore, in one word, the account is charged every 6 months consecutively.

 6.  What is the annual charge of savings account?

 You can open a savings account with a small amount of money.  However, the savings account will be charged to the bank for a fixed amount.  Payments will be deducted from your bank account for 6 months consecutively.  But let’s not know how much money will be charged to the bank for the savings account:

 1. (1-4999) How much money should be paid to the bank only if it is Tk 5999: –

 If you have less than 5,000 in your bank within 6 months of opening the account.  That means if you have 4999 taka then the bank will not charge you any amount.  It is completely free. That is from 1 taka to 4999 rupees, you do not have to pay any charge to account.

 2. (5000-24,999) taka How much money should be paid to the bank :-

  If you have a bank balance of up to Rs 25,000 from Tk 5,000, you have to pay Tk 100 in 6 months.  (Plus 15% VAT to be paid).  That is, if your bank has five thousand to 24 thousand 999 taka, you will have to pay the bank charge of Taka 115 every six months or the bank will deduct 115 taka from you after 6 months from your account.

 3 ‌.  (25000+) If the bank has money above 25 thousand and 25 thousand, how much to pay: –

 If you have any money above 25,000 in your savings account, you have to pay 300 taka every six months in the bank.  (Plus 15% VAT will apply) That means if your bank starts at Tk 25,000, you have to pay Tk 345, no matter how much money you have, after every six months.  Or the bank will deduct Rs 345 from your account every 6 months in a row.

 7.  What is the annual charge on the current account?

 In the case of the current account, the amount of VAT is slightly higher.  The bank is required to provide you a fixed amount of charges for the account every six months.  If you have a current account, you get 500 taka every 6 months.  And with (15% VAT) will apply.  Moreover, if your bank has a balance of over one lakh rupees within six months, then the Afghani charges will apply to that account.  So, if you have a current account, then you have to pay (500 rupees + 15% VAT) every six months. And if there is a balance above Tk 1 Lakh then the Afghan formula will apply. 

Saving account vs current account which is the best ?

if you are a businesman you have to need a current bank account or you are a simple persion you can opin a saving bank account . Saving account is vaey simple to opan but current account is not vary simple to oping .

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