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Popular Herbal Medicines: Benefits and Uses

Even though modern medicine has evolved way past natural medicine, nature still provides us with some of the best cures for different conditions. Whether you’re trying to overcome a cold, fall asleep faster or intake more vitamins and minerals, herbal meds are the best solution for that!

However, you should still be careful about certain herbs, roots and plants and the influences they have on your health. But nothing is stopping you from consuming popular herbal medicines. What are some of the most popular herbal medicines and what are their benefits and uses? You can check out these 6 herbs and all the benefits they provide you with.

1. Ginger

Ginger isn’t only used in cookies and other food recipes. This most-known herbal medicine has a wide range of benefits for your health. Firstly, ginger is most commonly used to prevent and minimise nausea in pregnancy, chemotherapy and other treatments. On top of that, it treats colds, high blood pressure and migraines.

Unlike many other herbal medicines, ginger doesn’t have many side effects. You can eat it fresh or dried, but most people prefer ginger tea. If you dislike the taste but love the benefits, you can take ginger capsules!

2. Echinacea

Did you know that beautiful flower plants can be magical remedies? As a medical practice, echinacea was firstly used by Native Americans. They used this magnificent treatment to treat wounds, burns, sore throats and upset stomachs. Even though there is no strong scientific evidence to support this claim, echinacea is effective when it comes to preventing colds.

You can drink echinacea in tea or consume it as a supplement. Besides that, you can apply it topically to treat wounds and burns. Keep in mind that its effects depend on your organism. Even though it has many benefits, several side effects, such as skin rash and nausea have been reported by some.

3. Ashwagandha

Another ancient medicine, historically mostly used in India is a world-famous supplement for various conditions and problems. It helps you fight symptoms of anxiety and depression, lowers your blood sugar and cortisol and boosts your brain function. All in all, it helps your body manage stress. How can you use it and is it safe?

Believe it or not, ashwagandha can be used by everyone, even children! Take one pill daily and see how much your concentration improves and how more relaxed you are. However, you should keep in mind that there is no evidence of the effects on pregnant women. Also, mixing this supplement with other anti-depressants or sedatives is not recommended.

4. Gingko

Derived from a maidenhair tree, ginkgo, also known as ginkgo Bilboa is a native Chinese medicine that’s been used for over a thousand years. However, today this is a world-known supplement that remains the top-selling. Even though there is no scientific evidence, ginkgo is said to treat heart diseases, dementia and sexual dysfunctions.

Besides that, ginkgo is beneficial because it contains a wide range of potent antioxidants that are great for your body. Most commonly, ginkgo is used for teas and tinctures made out of leaves and seeds. However, modern applications include supplements and leaf extracts.

5. Cannabis

Even though marijuana is illegal in most parts of the world, some countries legalised it for medical purposes which is a great plus! Its benefits include stress and anxiety relieve, as well as minimising the intensity of headaches and lowering blood pressure. Additionally, it can help depression, appetite loss, seizures and many more conditions.

The most known way to consume cannabis is smoking. However, you can eat it, inhale it or even place it on your skin. One of the biggest perks is that hemp is a fast-growing plant that can be available whenever. You can start legal cannabis growing in your garden, and have much-needed medicine when you need it the most.

6. Valerian

If you’re constantly under pressure and can’t calm down, valerian, also known as nature’s Valium, is the ideal medicine for you. Its roots will provide you with a sense of calmness and tranquillity. On top of that, it can help you combat sleep disorders and fall asleep faster at night.

This fantastic plant can be consumed dried and consumed through capsules or steamed to create the magnificent tea. On top of that, essential oils are not a rare occurrence you can add to your teas. It will help you treat anxiety and insomnia while minimising restlessness, headaches and palpitations. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t use valerian combined with other sedatives, to avoid side effects.


The world provides us with a wide range of different plants and herbs that can be used for medical purposes. Even though our ancestors knew a lot about herbal medicines, it’s up to us to rediscover their secrets and uses. After all, herbal medicines have many benefits that can help us combat daily struggles and stress.

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