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Stay In Control With Parental Control App

There is no denial in the fact that parents are getting more and more aware of the side effects of smart gadgets, the internet, and digital life. Just like every website visited by your teenager must be monitored similarly you must know about the app installed in your kid’s smartphones. One wrong click on a weird app will open the door for all the similar content and that will be a long exploratory journey for your kid. You can’t even imagine what kind of content they may face on such a path. So every parent or guardian must be fully aware of all dangers related to technological gadgets and must be fully prepared as well to deal with any threats. They should have installed parental control app in their kid’s gadgets to monitor the weird activities of their kids.

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A teenager can’t really discriminate between what’s good or bad for them. They are mostly driven by passion and curiosity. Both of these qualities if uncontrolled can cause real damage. Thus the purpose of today’s discussion is to provide the parental and guardian community with possible monitoring and supervision techniques that can help them keep a strict eye on the kid’s digital life. Here are details of how you can know about the parental control apps and some taboo apps that must be kept under strict monitoring eye. 

OgyMogy For Paremtal Control App :

Today we are going to specifically talk about the parental control app features that allow the parents to know about the apps installed in the kid’s gadget. Yes, remote access lets the parent know about the kind of apps installed on the teenager’s phone. Access to the app list makes it possible for the parents to know about the digital interests and hobbies of the teen. 

  • On average 7 hours and 22minutes are spent on a smartphone per day of a teenager. 

Thus every parent has the right to know about these roughly 7 hours reports as to how they spent it, and if it is worth it or not. 

List Of Apps That You Should Keep In Mind:

If your kid is a user of some of the apps described below then you must know about them in detail. Most importantly you must know how to deal with any problem related to these apps. Of course, as mentioned earlier OgyMogy parental control app is one authentic solution for all app-related problems. 

Kik Messenger:

Kik is a messenger app that can be used to send messages to family and friends. However, it has a bad reputation because it can be used by online predators. Anonymity is one of the unique features thus the app is mostly liked by teenagers and adults as well. Interestingly without revealing your true identity you can make new friends. That sounds scary and you are right but that is the charm of this app. However, this same feature can be used against your kid. There are tons of reports of sending porn and sexual content to teenagers on this platform by adults. 

OgyMogy parental control app offers a Kik spy app feature that can allow you to monitor every Kik app activity of your kid. You can know what kind of media they receive and the added contacts as well. 


Tinder app is for choosing a potential partner for dating. Yes, now you can even choose your partner online as well. All you need to do is swipe left or right and if both parties connect then they are allowed to chat. Tinder spy app by the OgyMogy reports about the potential partner details, chat content, and much more to the parents of the kids. You can even block the internet services in case you think your child is in the wrong hands. 


Telegram app has recently gained much popularity in the instant message chat app world. Because of its end-to-end encryption policy and self-destructive feature, it is famous among teenagers. As chat message content can get disappear from the target device and there will be no record whatsoever. But with the OgyMogy telegram Spy app, you can keep a record of disappeared chat on the online dashboard.  

OgyMogy parental control app is a full package deal that offers tons of features that can help the parents in remote monitoring of their kid’s online life and offline as well. The list of features covers digital platforms, the internet, and real-life aspects like GPS location tracking, friend’s company, and more. 

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