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Online and Mobile Slots Review

The game is similar to a lottery game and it is not uncommon for a player to win € 1 million or more with just a small bet of just € 1. Another similarity to a lottery game is that there is no particular strategy that can help you win, although there are some tricks and techniques that may increase your chances of winning.

On this page you can find an area with online slots that can be played with or without registration . You can play the games for free with play money as long as you want without the risk of losing money while you discover the different types of games. You can even find a list of the most played and profitable slots in 2017.

Slot machines (also called slots) are the most popular games in online lotteries, arcades and land-based lotteries in Florida or other places in the world. The success can mainly be explained by the simplicity of the games, as well as the fact that you can win a very large amount in one game round.

Slot machines (also called slots) are the most popular games in online lotteries, arcades and land-based lotteries in Las Vegas, Macau, Monaco or other places in the world. The success can mainly be explained by the simplicity of the games, as well as the fact that you can win a very large amount in one game round.

How does a slot machine work in an online lottery?

Playing the games in demo mode is the best way to try them out and test different strategies without taking the risk of losing money. However, if you want to experience the real excitement of a slot machine, you have to play it for real money . Before betting any real money, you should read the rules of the game . More details are available on this page.

Play a round

Slot machines are very simple games. All you have to do is press a button (or pull a lever) to set the reels in motion. When the reels come to a stop you will see if you have a combination of winning symbols – for example, a sequence of identical symbols on a payline is common. If this is the case, your winnings will be paid out and you can start a new game.

This is essentially a simplified summary of what happens in a game round. Some slot machines have special features or special symbols that you can learn more about later. Before you start a game round you can choose your stake and determine how many coins you want to wager . The coin value determines the amount of money that you assign to each played coin that you play with. Oftentimes you can also change the number of paylines played . You can learn more about paylines and reels later in this article.

The rollers (mechanical or digital)

The reels are probably the first thing you’ll notice when you first look at a slot machine. The reels are like big wheels on which symbols are displayed , with which you can win money.

The first slot machine in history had three reels that were rotated mechanically. Nowadays this type of 3-reel game is still called a mechanical slot machine . Sometimes they are also called one-armed bandits or classic slot machines.

Over time, more reels have been added to the games. The mechanical games were further developed with digital screens that spin the reels in the same way as in the mechanical version. These digital games are called video slot machines .

Of course, when you play on the internet everything is digital, which means that basically all slot machines are video slots. However, a distinction is still made between mechanical slot machines that simulate real reels and video slot machines.


The first slot machine in history paid a win when three of the same symbols appeared on the middle line in the middle of the reels. The game only had a single payline, with later games adding multiple paylines. It was then possible to get symbol combinations on different horizontal lines or on the diagonals across the reels. In the games you often have the option to select how many paylines you want to activate before the game . The number of activated paylines usually also has an effect on your bet size.

A video example on Youtube

To close this section on the rules of a slot machine, you can watch a video here of what happens to a slot machine in a short gaming session. The game in question is The Wild Chase, an excellent game.

Tip: how to increase the chances of winning a slot machine

This is essentially how a slot machine works. But I also want to go a little further and tell you a little more about slot machines, for example how you can improve your chances of winning without using complex strategies, which can make the games a little more exciting and lucrative.

Understand the payback rate to players

This expression sounds a bit daunting at first, but it is very important information that should not be neglected. The repayment to the players, also known as the payout rate, is the percentage that shows how much the players get paid back on average from their bets in the form of winnings . For example, a slot machine that has a payback rate of 97% pays out an average of 97 cents for every euro played.

Sometimes you can find information on how to get paid back to players in the paytable, but sometimes you need to look online. This payout rate can be an interesting factor to consider when choosing a slot machine, as it can have an impact on how high your chances of winning are when you play a slot with a high payout rate.

How the variance affects the odds of winning

The payout to players indicates whether the game is paying out generously. However, it still does not indicate what type of game it is . The variance of a game is the risk and determines the frequency with which higher or lower winnings are paid out.

A slot machine with a low variance regularly pays out smaller wins. On the other hand, there are the slot machines with a higher variance that pay out higher amounts, but less often. There are also many medium variance games where you can win lower amounts more often and larger amounts every now and then.

Understand the possible winnings using the payout table

So now you have information about the payout rate and variance, but that still says very little about how much you can actually win in a slot machine. This information can be found in the game’s paytable. This table shows the amounts that you can win depending on the stake played and the payout you get for different winning combinations on the screen . In the table you can also see how the paylines are distributed on the reels and what special symbols or properties the game has. You can find out more about special properties later in this text. The paytable gives you all the information you need about what opportunities the game has to offer .

Win a jackpot

You can find information about the possible winnings in the game’s paytable, including information about the jackpot. This is the maximum amount that you can win in a single game round . The jackpot is usually fixed, but there are also games where the jackpots grow as players play the game. These are called progressive jackpots and they increase continuously until they are won and can sometimes even exceed 1 million euros.

Bonus features on online slot machines

With most slot machines the goal is to get a combination of identical symbols on the reels so that there is a payout. However, some games have bonus features that offer you additional opportunities to win. These can either be special symbols with special properties or their own bonus games . You can find out more about these bonus features in the next few sections.

Wild symbol

Some symbols have the ability to stand up for other symbols and thus create the best possible winning combination . These symbols are called wild symbols and they can appear in different forms:

  • the stacked wild symbol is a symbol that can occupy more than one square on the same reel, usually up to 3 or 4 positions,
  • the expandable wild symbol that transforms right on the screen. It then expands to several positions on the roller or in the row,
  • the Sticky Wild symbol , which is kept on the reels for a prescribed number of game rounds,
  • the multiplier wild symbol , which multiplies winnings made with the wild symbol by a prescribed multiplier.

Scatter symbol

Some symbols have the ability to cash out or start features without appearing on a prescribed payline. In this case, you just need to get a certain number of these scatter symbols anywhere on the reels .

Free spins

Some slot machines offer the opportunity to win free spins if you get at least three scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. These free spins are then played without you having to wager any money and you then have the chance to win a lot of money. Depending on which game you are playing, free spins can also be triggered by other properties.


There are usually between 10, 20 or even up to 100 free spins. When you get fewer free spins, these are often called re-spins, with mostly 1, 2 or 3 game rounds in which certain symbols are held firmly on the reels .

Bonus games

Some slot machines also give you the chance to trigger a bonus game. These are usually mini-games of their own that do not take place on the reels. The bonus games usually have their own playing field where you can carry out various actions and win money in the process. There are also some very sophisticated bonus games that allow you to play strategy games or that look like a video game or board game. These are then often like games of skill .

Click me

Many slot machines also have a click-me feature where you get 3 or more symbols displayed and then click on one or more of them and win money in the process .

Gamble (risk game)

With some slot machines you also have the option to use winnings made in game rounds in a risk game or gamble. This risk game is usually not on the reels, but is a separate game played on a different screen, as is the bonus game. The risk games are mostly a coin toss or a game of cards in which you have to guess the next suit (black or red) or the type of card (hearts, clubs, spades or diamonds). If you are correct your winnings will either be doubled or quadrupled and you can often play several times in a row, as long as you are correct, and thus double your winnings several times in a row.

Falling rollers

The above properties are triggered when you get the corresponding icons on the screen. The falling reels are a slightly different property and characterize a certain type of slot machine. In these slot machines, there are no reels that are spinning, instead, the symbols fall down at the top of the screen. When you get a winning combination, the symbols of the combination dissolve, making room for the symbols above. This gives you another chance of a new symbol configuration on the screen, which can then lead to further winning combinations. This will continue until you get no more winning combinations.

How to choose a slot machine in an online lottery

There are many different slot machines in online lotteries and land-based lotteries like Florida Lottery and gambling halls. These games can be divided into different categories and here I want to introduce you to the most popular types. In the online slot machine category there are, for example, free slot machines, flash slot machines or slot machines without download. These games do not necessarily need their own category, since basically every online slot machine can be played for free with or without Flash or with or without software download.

Mechanical slot machines

I already mentioned the mechanical slot machines at the beginning of this text. These games use mechanically operated reels . They were the first slot machines that usually only have a few paylines (often just one) and usually have 3 reels , sometimes 5. These games usually have no special symbols or features, but there are some exceptions.

Video slot machines

Video slot machines usually have at least 5 reels, but there are also some 3 or 4 reel games. Typically these games have special symbols and features, and many more paylines than traditional games.

3D slot machines

In the past few years, a new category of video game has taken hold and is becoming increasingly popular. These 3D slot machines have animated 3D graphics that are reminiscent of video games or animated films. These games often have fun animations and great cinematics that make the game a lot more entertaining.

Slot machines on smartphones or tablets (iOS / Android)

There are slot machines that you can play on your computer on the Internet, but there are also many slot machines that are developed in HTML 5 and can be played on mobile devices , for example iPhones, smartphones, iPads or tablet computers that run on iOS or Android operating systems work. These applications (apps) for online lotteries are a good way to play the games on the go or at home on the couch. You can also play these games on vacation, during your lunch break or when you’re with friends, provided you have a good and stable internet connection.

There are also many other types of slot machines such as multi-reel machines, fruit machines (in English pubs), virtual reality slots, interactive slot machines, social media slot machines and many others.

Slot machine developers and popular game categories available at FeedBACK lottery

As you can see, the slot machine universe is very diverse and mixed . There are games for just about every taste. Above you can find a filter system where you can select specific filters and find games for your taste. In the filters you can also choose from different developers.

The online lotterys do not develop the games themselves. The software developers are responsible for designing the games . Not all of these developers are created equal, and not all lotterys offer the same games. Some of the most popular developers are Betsoft, Playtech, Microgaming, Netent, Rival, Play’n GO, NextGen Gaming and Leander Games . You can also find them in our game selection.

Finally, I would like to mention the video poker slot machines . These games are a very distinct type of game that we’ll talk about more in another area. These are a mix of a slot machine and a solitaire draw poker game. To win here you have to try to get a poker hand (one of the known poker combinations) and usually have two tries. First you get dealt cards from which you can choose cards you want to keep and then get dealt new cards for those you don’t want to keep.

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