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Is earth really round or flat ?

Who discovered round of the earth?

The great Greek philosopher Pythagoras (570-495 BC) first said that the earth was round. Later, Aristotle (386-322 BC) supported the idea of ​​this spherical earth in Pythagoras. But against that, those who thought of the planets of the world, there were many homeless people. But those things remain now. Now we know Is earth really round or flat ?

Christ. BC During the period (275-195), a wise man named Eratosthenes lived in the famous city of Alexandria, under the then Greek Empire (now Egypt). He was a mathematician, poet, geographer and astronomer. The debate about whether the earth was round or flat was wise even at that time – as I have said before, the common man, of course, had no such headache.

Lunar Observation ,Who discovered round of the earth?

Eratosthenes himself believed that the earth was round and that he had no doubts about it. So he did not go into the debate, whether round or flat, to get straight to the circumference of the earth, and he chose the technique of measuring the circumference of a spherical object, assuming that the earth is spherical.

The people of that era knew fairly well the calculation of the year, which means that on that day, if the sun was located at noon some day of the year, it was known to the people. And Eratosthenes was a wise man, on top of which he was the librarian of the famous Alexandria library. What is the secret to him!

It is well known that the sun moves from east to west once every day. And heads north-south once every year. So in summer and in winter the temperature changes. In this way, a particular day of the year rotates at exactly the same latitude as the previous year. So if you see your shadow in the equator on a certain day of the year, you may find that it is lying down. But if you move too far north of the equator at the same time next year, your shadow will still be taller if the position of the sun is the same. That is, if you move north from the equator, you will not find the sun again, because you yourself are down.

This is exactly what Eratosthenes employed. He used a standard stick for accurate calculations. And some methods were also known at that time for the saddle to be fitted. Then on a certain day of the year, he sat in two different places in Egypt and saw the length of the shadow measured. He knew that he would get some kind of results, but he was experimenting to make a perfect calculation. He performed the tests at the location indicated in the picture.

From the difference of the two lengths, he realized the degree to which he had moved north-south. Suppose that is x degrees. And to rotate this x degree, he might have to go n miles (at the time another unit was called station) to the north.If the earth is round, then the whole world will have to rotate if it rotates around 5 degrees. That would mean the circumference of the earth -360 × n / x miles

By doing so, he almost accurately (currently 0.4% more than the calculation) said the magnitude of the earth.

It was a great example of how remarkable experimentation can be done with ordinary materials, with the emphasis of intellect and mind. The crucial point of this experiment is to let people know that the earth is round, and we know its magnitude. Nearly two and a half thousand years have passed since the incident. There have been many more observations. Photo taken from satellite. Photographs taken from the Voyager Mission. From these various sources, ordinary people have also understood the ideas of the circular world.

How to understand the world is really round

Sounds incredible, but there are some people in this 21st Century who think the world is not spherical, but rather flat. There is also an organization of believers called The Flat Earth Society. According to them, there is as much research and picture or video evidence on the globe as there is a conspiracy by NASA and governments of the developed world. In fact, the earth has a flat surface like a light, the moon and the sun are not very large, they rotate over the earth only a few kilometers and the gravity is created as the entire universe, including the earth, spirals upwards.

Interestingly, there is no need to rely on NASA or the government of any country to understand that the world is really round. Long before NASA or the modern state system was established, people knew that the earth was round. Many people think that through the discovery of America, Christopher Columbus proved the earth to be round. But in fact, the world knows that the earth is round, even more so. Without the help of any kind of complicated scientific theory or modern technology, you can easily understand that the earth is not flat, but spherical.

The size of the moon and other planets to understand earth really round

The size of the moon and other planets to understand earth really round.Lunar Observation

Two and a half thousand years ago, Pythagoras first noticed that the moon is round. From there, he imagines that the other celestial objects, including the Earth, are round. Even now, if we observe other planets with the help of a telescope, we can certainly see that almost everything in the universe is quite circular. There is no plane on the plane like the sun. Naturally, we can assume that the size of the earth will be similar to that of other planets.

Lunar Observation

About 150 years after the death of Pythagoras, Aristotle first made the strongest argument for the circular earth. He observed that during the lunar eclipse, when the shadow of the earth falls on the moon, the shadow is half-shaped. From this he concludes that the earth is round. Also, at different times in different places during the moon, seeing the exact same semi-circular shadow, it can be confirmed that the earth is not only spherical, it is almost rounded. Now it Is clear earth really round or flat .

The advent of ships on the horizon

If someone standing on the shore sees a ship coming from a distance, it would seem to him that the ship was rising from the sea water. If the earth were flat, it would not have seemed so, but in that case the ship would have been obscure at first and gradually become clear. But the events of the rising up of the water indicate that the earth is round.

This is a very easy test to understand. If you place the ants on a circular sidewalk and slowly turn the sidewalk out of sight, it will appear that it is rising from the horizon, just like a ship. But if the same ants are allowed to approach slowly from a distance on a straight road, it will continue to be clear from obscure to slow. Now it Is clear earth really round or flat .

Variable stars

About 2350 years ago, the Greek philosopher Aristotle observed that the position of the stars in the sky began to change as they moved north or south from the equatorial line. Stars that are seen just above the head in the equatorial region, move north or south, shake to one side, and new stars appear in the opposite direction.

When Aristotle traveled to Egypt and Cyprus, he first noticed the matter. On his return from travel, he writes that in the skies of Egypt and Cyprus, there are stars that cannot be seen in the skies of Greece. He concludes that this can only happen if the earth’s surface is round.

Variable shade

Placing a pole on the ground will shadow it. Since the position of the sun is far away from the earth and the rays coming from the sun are almost parallel, the shadow length of the poles of the same length was supposed to be the same at the same time when the earth was flat. But in reality it is not.

About 2200 years ago, the librarian Eratosthenes of Alexandria Library in Egypt first noticed this. He measured two poles of the same length in Alexandria and several hundred kilometers distant in the city of Saint just after noon on a given day. In Zion, the sun was no shadow because the sun was just above the head, but Alexandria fell a little. From this he makes sure that the earth is round.

Eratosthenes measures the angle of sunlight from the length of the shadow. From the distances between the cities and the angular differences between their shadows, he was able to determine the circumference of the earth almost perfectly. Eratosthenes thought the earth to be completely round. But in reality the earth was slightly strained in the north-south direction. Now it Is clear earth really round or flat .

Scenic view from a high place

Standing beneath a tree or a tall building, the naked eye or binoculars can be seen far and wide, far above the tree or on the roof of the building. This would not have been possible if the earth were flat. This test is very easy to do at sunset on the beach. If the sun appears to be sunk at the time it is lying on the ground at sunset, then it can be seen when standing up, the sun is not fully submerged, some part of it is still visible. If you can climb higher in the same place, it is possible to enjoy the full sunset again. This is possible because the earth is rounded.read earth to sun

Difference between day and night length and time between different regions

When it is 12 noon in a country that is, when the sun is just above the head, in some areas of the world, such as in the USA it is 12 pm. There is no existence of the sun. If the earth were flat, there would have been very little time left. There were no nights in one country and no days in another. Because the earth is almost round when the sun is above the head in some places, the opposite surface is completely dark, that is, the day and night occur in different parts of the earth. Also, because the earth is spherical, day and night length differences can be seen in the northern or southern hemispheres with the equatorial regions. earth to sun

Flat earth

(Flat Earth) The idea here is that the earth is not spherical, but rather flat. That was the concept of long ago. In the 4th century BC, the Greeks began to formulate accurate ideas about the shape of the earth. From this time on many parts of the world the concept of flat earth began to be abandoned.

Looking around, the earth looks flat. Because the earth is such a big sphere, it seems flat around a certain point. Planets can be detected in scientific experiments where small parts of the earth are worked. In this case the result will not be too much of a fuss. But in the case of large distances, the round must catch. That is, the bottom of the earth will not be flat or rounded, depending on what kind of work is being done. For this reason, in ancient times, it would not be necessary to think of this earth as a sphere, except for a sailor or astronomer. However, philosophers and theologians have thought about this too.

Christianity once believed that the earth was flat. Today this belief is referred to as the “myth of the planets”. In 1945, the British Historical Society published a list of the 20 most serious mistakes in history. In this list, Plain Earth is ranked at number two. Many intellectuals now say that from the 3rd century BC onward, no one in the West believed in the concept of a flat earth.

In this age it is believed that people of the Middle Ages believed that the earth was flat. That is, after the Greek era, for some reason the idea of ​​a flat earth returned. Jeffrey Russell said that the idea of ​​a flat earth in the Middle Ages came into the imagination of people in the nineteenth century. A notable addition to this story is The Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus in Washington Irving, published in 1828. All of them, however, completely abandoned the concept of a flat earth. But now there is an organization called Flat Earth Society whose members believe in the flat world and work to spread that belief. Now it Is clear earth really round or flat ?

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