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How to prevent diabetes

What is important to know about diabetes risk

Diabetes is a bodily condition that lasts for a lifetime and causes more than 100,000 deaths every year worldwide.In addition, anyone with diabetes can be infected. Diabetes occurs when the body fails to break all the blood sugar (glucose). This complication can lead to a heart attack, a stroke in people. Also, due to diabetes, people can become blind, spoil the kidneys and sometimes have to cut off the lower body. Its vary important to know that How to prevent diabetes ?

This problem is increasing all over the world. At present, the number of people with diabetes is more than 12 million. That number is four times higher than it was five years ago, according to the World Health Organization.

Doctors say that even with such a high risk of diabetes, more than half of people who are infected are not aware of the disease.

However, adherence to certain rules of living can prevent diabetes in many cases. Here are some of his ways.

Why is diabetes?

When we eat a meal, our body breaks down the sugars of that food and converts it to sugar (glucose). The hormone called insulin released from the pancreas directs cells in our body to accept sugar. This sugar acts as the body’s fuel or energy.

Diabetes occurs when the body cannot produce insulin or it does not function properly. And as a result, sugar begins to accumulate in the blood.

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  • Refined sugar should be avoided.
  • What kind of diabetes is there?
  • Different types of diabetes.

Insulin production from pancreas stops in type one diabetes. Glucose begins to accumulate in the bloodstream.

The scientists have yet to figure out why this is so. However, they believe that there may be genetic reasons. Or it can happen even if the insulin producing cells are damaged by a pancreas virus infection.

About 1 percent of people with diabetes suffer from this type of van.

The other is type two diabetes. People who suffer from this type of diabetes do not produce enough insulin to burn or this hormone does not work properly.

Usually middle-aged or older people are infected with type 2 diabetes. People who are overweight and who have to work most of the time sitting down are also more likely to have this type of diabetes.

Many women may still have diabetes after having children. When their body does not produce enough insulin for themselves and their child, they can develop diabetes.

One study found that 3 to 5 percent of pregnant women can have diabetes. By keeping your body’s sugar levels under control through diet, bodybuilding or insulin, it is possible to avoid the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

What is the symptom of diabetes?

Feeling tired is a major symptom.
The most common symptoms include:

  • Get very thirsty
  • Urinating more often than usual. Especially at night.
  • Feel tired
  • Weight loss without any reason
  • Repeatedly infected with inflammatory disease
  • Vision blurred
  • When it is cut somewhere in the body it is too late to dry
  • Doctors say the symptoms of type one diabetes can be seen in childhood and can become more complex with age.

The risk of type 2 diabetes increases with the age of 5 years. However, this risk has been created among people in South Asia since they were 20 years old.People who have parents, siblings, or overweight, people in a South Asian country, Afro-Caribbean or Black African are also at higher risk.

Is diabetes possible to prevent?

Although diabetes is genetic and dependent on your lifestyle, you can still control sugar levels in your blood. That’s why you need to be especially aware of your diet and you need to be a very active person. It is possible to control diabetes by changing your diet. Processed foods and drinks should be avoided. Instead of marshmallow flour, bread must be eaten with roasted flour. This is the first step.

White pasta, pastries, fizzy drinks, sugary drinks, sweets, etc. should be avoided. And healthy foods include cereals, vegetables, fruits, beans and fat grains. Better to eat healthy oils, nuts. Fish that have Omega Three oils should eat more. Such as sardines, salmon and mackerel. It is necessary to eat a small amount of food without filling the stomach at one time.

It is possible to reduce blood sugar levels by exercising or exercising the body. Doctors say exercise needs to be done for two and a half hours every week. It also includes fast walking and climbing stairs. Keeping the weight low can keep the sugar levels under control. If you have to lose weight, then it has to be done slowly. From half a kilogram to one kilogram a week.

Smoking is also important. Monitor cholesterol levels. The higher the risk, the higher the risk of heart disease.

What complications can be caused by diabetes?

Excessive amount of sugar in the blood can cause serious damage to the arteries.If the blood cannot flow properly in the body, if the blood does not reach the places where blood is needed, then the risk of nerve damage is increased.As a result, people may lose vision power. Infection can occur on the legs.World Health Organization says diabetes is a major cause behind blindness, kidney failure, heart attack, stroke, etc.A heart attack is an increase in the amount of sugar in the blood.

How many people suffer from diabetes?

As a World Health Organization, the number of people infected with diabetes in the first four years was about 6 million. In 20 years, it increased to more than 12 million.

People in the age group of 8 years old had a diabetes rate of less than 5 percent but increased their number to 25 × 4 percent in 5 years.

The International Diabetes Federation says that about 5 percent of the adult population suffering from diabetes is in the middle and low income countries, where fast food is changing. The company says about 1 million people have died due to diabetes in 20 years.

10 tips how to prevent diabetes

10 tips how to prevent diabetes, Maintain a healthy weight to prevent diabetes,Eat whole grain food to prevent diabetes
10 tips how to prevent diabetes

Diabetes has become quite common among our commonly used words. Because diabetes is now pandemic. It turns out that nobody around us has diabetes.

Even in the survey, the number of diabetic patients in the world was 5 in 1 million, which has increased to 122 (1.25 million) today. From this, it is understood that the situation is getting worse in the days ahead.

As we already know, diabetes is a metabolism related disease. Due to which the body is unable to produce enough insulin or refuses insulin. As a result, sugar levels in the blood rise to abnormal rates.

Symptoms such as fatigue, frequent urination, decreased wounds, delayed drying of the wound, if sugar levels are too high in the blood.

The most unfortunate thing about diabetes is that the disease never fully recovers. However, its symptoms can be removed and controlled.

However, there are some proven ways that by following this routine, you will never suffer from diabetes in your life. Unless your family has no history of diabetes.

Maintain a healthy weight to prevent diabetes

By controlling body weight to a healthy level, not only diabetes but many other diseases can be avoided. Healthy weight control will reduce the risk of developing diabetes by 5%.

Eat salad to prevent diabetes

Eat at least one bowl of salad daily. There will be carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, garlic, etc. This salad should be eaten daily before lunch or at night. You can also add one teaspoon of vinegar to the salad. Vinegar helps blood absorb sugar to a minimum. And if blood sugar levels are under control, the risk of diabetes will also be low.

Do lots of walking to prevent diabetes

Walking is one of the best exercises to help prevent diabetes. If you walk for at least 5 minutes every day, your metabolic rate will be at a level that is sufficient to keep the levels of insulin in your body balanced. As a result, the risk of diabetes will also be reduced.

Eat whole grain food to prevent diabetes

Have breakfast with whole grain national food such as oatmeal, barley, brown rice, corn, millet etc. Whole grains are high in dietary fiber, which helps reduce sugar levels in the blood. As a result, the risk of diabetes is also reduced. In addition, full-grain diets will also prevent diseases such as constipation, high blood pressure, etc.

Drink coffee to prevent diabetes

Several studies have shown that drinking at least two cups of coffee a day reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes by 20%. However, you have to drink coffee without sugar. The antioxidant ingredient in coffee does this.

Avoid fast food to prevent diabetes

Nowadays, there are many types of fast food available at hand. That may make it impossible to handle greed. But eating fast and processed foods like fries, pizza, burgers can lead to various diseases like obesity, high cholesterol, digestive problems and heart disease. These foods can also cause harmful levels of insulin in the body. Which can also lead to diabetes.

Eat cinnamon to prevent diabetes

Regular dieting in the form of cinnamon oil or powder reduces the risk of diabetes by 5%! Studies have shown that cinnamon has a natural ability to lower unhealthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels. And if these two ingredients can be reduced naturally, sugar levels in the blood also come under control. And the risk of diabetes is also reduced.

Release from stress or stress to prevent diabetes

From headaches to horrible diseases like cancer can also lead to extra mental stress. So if you are someone who is often stressed, then relaxing and exercising yoga can reduce stress. It will also control the levels of cortisol hormone in your body and reduce the risk of diabetes.

Quit smoking to prevent diabetes

Like stress, smoking is another cause of many serious diseases. Smoking is one of the leading causes of diabetes, along with other terrible diseases like lung cancer. So if you do not want to suffer from diabetes, quit smoking today.

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What is a good diabetic diet?

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