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How to make your picture into a cartoon

The cartoon photo effect is a popular effect. Many people like this cartoon photo effect and they want to create their own photo in a cartoon effect. In this post, you will learn how to make your picture into a cartoon. You get the 6 ways to create your picture into a cartoon. Read this post and learn about how to make your picture into a cartoon.

Photocartoon  Is a popular cartoon photo maker tool. You can use these tools easily and you can create your own cartoon images. This is a free online tool. This is very simple to create your own cartoon image. We will give all of the General information to create your own cartoon image. 

Make your picture into a cartoon

  1. Click on this link and go to the homepage of this website.  After going to the home page you can see a page like this screenshot.  On this landing page, you can find when you option. you can see the Choose file option and update from the URL option.
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 Choose file is an option hair you need to select an image from your local computer. update from the URL option is you can select a website image URL and you can create your own cartoon photo from this URL. 

  1. Now you can find an option that is Choose file. Now click on this button and select a photo from your local computer. when you click this button this website will redirect you to your local computer file. you can select an image like the image format is a JPG, PNG, and another image format.
create a cartoon photo free from online
  1. After they select a photo, you can see a button like cartoonize online click on this cartoonize button to create your own cartoon images for free.   When you click this button this website uploads your photos and it will prepare you for editing. 
create a cartoon photo free from online
how to make your picture into a cartoon

Now wait some time and it will be dependent on your network speed.  after loading your image you can see the editing interface.  you can edit your cartoon image with your needed color and your sizing or effect. 

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  1. After going to the next page,  you can see an editing interface like this screenshot .You can edit your photos to your needed effect. 

 On the left slide for option, you can find the main effect of your image. you can find 30 plus photo effects and you can choose manually. There are many powerful effects and Powerful systems available. You can choose it.  so it’s better if it is for creating your own cartoon photo for free online. 

 on the right slide where you can customize your cartoon image and you can set up your image height and image weight. Also, you can select multiple Colours for your background and you can give a title. After the below section you can see the image Equaliser section.  In this section, you can enjoy your color for your cartoon image. 

  1. After customizing your cartoon photo,  now you need to download this photo.  this is very simple to download this photo.  follow the screenshot and click on the download button.  when you click on the download button it will redirect you to a new page and this image will be downloaded automatically.  
how to make your picture into a cartoon
how to make your picture into a cartoon

 Now you can see your download file from your local computer. If you need to customize these photos you can follow the same steps and approve these photos again.

Create a cartoon photo free from online

  • go to the  homepage  
  • Click Choose file button
  •  select an image format file from your local computer
  •  Click on the cartoonize online 
  • Customize this image for your need
  •  Click on the download button
  •  Download  the image 
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