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How to download video & audio

 On our website anysoll.com, we will provide a simple way to download any video for any audio.  mainly we will provide a simple way to download the process.  we will provide you a link and you can copy this link.  After copying this link opens a new window and pastes this link.  then you can download your video audio and many other format files. 

If you have any problem downloading any file we will discuss how to download this file in an easy way.  read this post and follow some process to download any videos. 

Step 1

When you want to download any videos audios movies and many other things you need to visit our website when you visit our website you get an interface like this screenshot. in this screenshot, you can see a copy button. 

Step 2 – Copy Text code

 You need to click on this copy button.  Click on this copy button after clicking this button you can see this red color will be Black. The middle color is black its means this text is not copied.  simply follow these screenshot steps and click on this copy button. 

How to download video audio

Step 3 – Open a new tab

After clicking the copy button you need to go to a new tab or window.  follow the screen steps and go to a new tab. you need to paste the copied code. 

How to download video audio

Step 4 – Paste The Copied Text

 on this new tab or window where you need to paste the code.  to paste this copy text code click your mouse right button.  after clicking this right button you can see a paste button like this screenshot.  Click on this screenshot button and paste the copied text cold.  On a mobile phone, you need to tab sometime to get this option.  after paste, this copy text code go and search. 

How to download video audio

Step 5 – Select The File

 when you search this could now you can see the windows like this is the screenshot.  here you can download the existing videos audio MP3 and many more files. If you want to download a video file you can download it.  to download your so I sing file click on the download button to download your existing file. 

Step 6 – Download video & audio

 This is the final step to download the existing file.  when you click on the download button now. you can see a popup window like this is a screenshot.  Now you need to click on this button to download this file. When you click on the download button it will be downloaded automatically. 

How to download video audio

We think you understand the whole process easier.  If you have any problems downloading the file you can contact us.  also, you can comment on this post. 

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