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How to become fair naturally and permanently whole body at home

People have relied on natural medicine since ancient times.  Natural medicine is the most useful. From all these elements of nature, man has now made modern medicine.  In this post, you will learn about how to become fair naturally and permanently and how to get fair skin fast permanently. In this post, you will learn about 14 natural products that help you to permanently fair your skin. 

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In this post, I will talk about different ways to be fair, as well as try to give a scientific explanation so that you can fully understand this.

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Skin Tightening Home Remedies

Avoid the sunlight

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 Avoid The sun as much as possible. Because sunlight contains ultraviolet harmful rays Which are extremely harmful to the skin. if the harmful ultraviolet reflects your body it will be made cancer.  so you need to avoid the sunlight. 

In this case, try to use umbrellas and sunglasses. Then your skin will be safe in the sun. 

Do not go near water and ice during extra sun

 Water and ice usually reflect more sunlight. In this case, there are more good benefits than natural. Be aware of this and try to avoid these. 

Use  Sesame to become permanently fair 

 Sesame is usually a rabi grain.  Sesame has different benefits. You can be permanently fair using oil In this case, grind sesame seeds and mix a little water in it and strain it . 

After straining, you will get a white liquid. Put it on your face. Then you will be fair soon. 

Especially if someone has sunburned face or skin, you can use it on the spot. 

 Use  Yogurt to become permanently fair

How to become fair naturally and permanently whole body at home

  There is no substitute for yogurt to whiten your skin colour.  You can apply yoghurt to lighten the skin. 

Lactic acid is usually made in yogurt. which is very beneficial for the newborn.  Electric acids are much more beneficial for the body and increase digestive energy. 

 After applying this you need to wait for 15 to 20 minutes. after that, you need to wash your face.  you can use it in your full body. 

This way you have to do it at least 3 days a week. The more you can do, the more you will benefit. 

Wash your face with milk 

 it is the best way to make your face cute.  you can use milk in your face at any time. 

Use  turmeric

Has been using turmeric since ancient times. There is no substitute for turmeric to whiten permanently in a natural way. Mix a little besan with turmeric to brighten your complexion.

potato juice and milk

 If your skin or body is dry, you can make a mixture with two teaspoons of potato juice and 2 teaspoons of raw milk, then cool it and use it on the skin. Your skin will be dry and then there will be a soft and slippery that will be very attractive. 

Use sandalwood and turmeric

Sandalwood and turmeric can be used together to remove the roughness of dry skin.   Naturally, there are various soaps that are made through a mixture of sandalwood turmeric. In this case, if you use it in a natural way, you will get better results. 

Use saffron

  Mix one pinch of saffron with raw milk and apply.  You will get good results only if you use it regularly for 15 days. 

use orange peel

This method has been included in an easy way to permanently whiten. This is a special way to whiten oily skin. In this case, dry 1 teaspoon of orange peel and make a mixture of two teaspoons of fenugreek powder.

You can use these at any time so that your skin will be smooth and you will be permanently fair.

bananas and cucumbers become fair naturally

How to become fair naturally and permanently whole body at home

 This method is one of the best ways to get permanent fair complexion, In this case, you can grab some ripe banana by hand and mix it with cucumber juice. Then apply it on the face and keep it for about half an hour.  After that, wash your face with cold water. 

Use mustard oil and besan

You can use mustard oil and besan to get permanent fair complexion, In this case, make sure that the mustard oil is pure mustard oil. Mix besan and mustard oil together and apply it all over the body .before bathing Apply on the whole body for about half an hour And wash while bathing. Then it helps to be fair in creating a bright feeling. 

Honey and lemon juice  fair naturally

 Honey and lemon juice can be used to whiten the complexion naturally, In this case, apply honey and a few drops of lemon juice on the face in a good way. 

 You have to keep it on for 15 to 20 minutes. Honey helps in whitening the skin and brightens the skin.  Lemon contains citric acid which will help to make your skin fairer.  The right way to permanently whiten at home. 

Share this method on your Facebook or WhatsApp or any social media so that people around you can be aware of health awareness. Let us know in the comments box with your valuable feedback.

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