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How to buy a product from e-commerce website ?

There are many E-commerce website . Now we know How to buy a product from e-commerce website ? How to identify fake e-commerce websites:

 Currently online products are a popular product.  People in every country are relying on online.  Save time and make life easier by buying faster products online.  Buying products online from some e-commerce websites saves a lot of time in daily life.  There are currently many e-commerce websites online, which will be easy to find if you search on Google. Like around 2 million e-commerce websites in the world that buy products through direct payment. 

There are some e-commerce websites that only offer products to certain countries.  These sites control their business within a particular country.  This type of e-commerce website is called local business e-commerce website.

There are also some popular e-commerce websites that are popular worldwide.  These e-commerce websites supply their products to any part of the world, anywhere in the world. Can people from any country in the world buy products from such e-commerce website.  The name of some such popular websites is



Now we know How to buy a product from e-commerce website ?

Cheating victims by buying goods online:

 Many people are currently cheating by buying products online.  This type of deception is shown by various temptations.  However, there are some fraudulent e-commerce websites to be aware of if you take the right approach.  Let’s not know what to do if we are not aware that we do not have to be a victim of fraud on the Commerce website. now it is time o know How to buy a product from e-commerce website ?

How to identify a fake e-commerce website ?

 1. Websites will encourage you to buy different products at very low prices.  In other professional web sites, the product is very expensive, but if a website promotes you at a much lower price then you should understand that it is a kind of promotional website.  When you buy merchandise you can be a victim of fraud. Buy a product from e-commerce website with carefully .

 2.  Currently, the most popular media for promoting merchandise is social media such as



linkedin.com and so on. 

All these are promoted through social media offering merchandise.  If you are looking to advertise a product at a lower price than on social media, then of course you will see the original price of the product from other websites.  Look at the current price and compare it to the website from which you want to buy the product. If there is a slight difference then there is no problem.  But if additional levels of differentiation are made, refrain from buying merchandise.

 For example , A few days ago an ad became popular on Facebook and the ad said a drone was priced at $ 2.59.  If you go to buy the same product from a popular website, the price of that drone will be around $ 50.  So refrain from buying products from such a commerce website.

3. Fake e-commerce websites are generally not very popular.  You must buy products from a commerce website that is popular in your country or worldwide.

4.  When purchasing products from a local e-commerce website, select the Cash on Delivery Payment System.  After selecting the Cash on Delivery Payment System, it is said that you have to pay 10 percent of the value of the product in advance.  Then you should refrain from buying products from such websites.

 5.  If you create an account on the web site when buying a product, many emails / verification emails do not go to your mail if you do not buy products from such website.

 Be aware of the above four factors, and consider these factors properly before purchasing a product.


How to buy Products from an E-Commerce Website:

 If you buy products from a very popular e-commerce website, do not be a victim of fraud.  The name of some such popular websites is amazon.com /alibaba.com AliExpress.com . These websites offer their products worldwide.  Each country also has its own e-commerce website.  They are usually very popular.  When you visit an e-commerce site online, you will see their company properly.  Buying products from an old e-commerce website is very unlikely to be a fraud.  Avoid buying products from new websites.

Which e-commerce websites products is best now :

Best products looking like :-
 You must check the rating before purchasing the product.  The list of products you see will be displayed as you search for the specific website you are buying.  Check the rating to see which product is the best from the list. 

Generally, if you buy a product that has a good rating, there is no chance of cheating.  Get a good product.  Generally, the higher the rating of the product, the higher the product is sold.  The seller publishes the product on a rating / feedback website after receiving the product.  Buy a product whose rating is highly rated by many people.

 How to get a discount on the product from e-commerce website:

 If you buy products from popular websites worldwide, they offer different types of discounts.
Such websites have their own coupons, gift cards, reference system. When you pay for the product, you can use the coupon for 3 percent discount.  Or there are different amounts of amounts that are discounted when you use coupons.

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 The safest medium is the gift card medium.  If you pay by the gift card of a particular website without using the coupon code of a reference number, you will get a discount on that price.  If you pay by other master card or credit card you will not get discount.

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 Online Product Delivery System:

 A website has many sellars.  Sellers create an account on the website and publish their products in the account.  If an individual orders this product, an email is sent to that seller.  The product sends the specific sellar to your address.  The founder of this website does not know whether this is a merchandise delivery system.  Only you and that website are connected through the network.  The clerk will send the product to the post office that you used to create the account and post code when you created the account.

 Online products Quick Delivery System with Extra Payment :

If you purchase products from a worldwide website, then you have to pay extra for its delivery system as if you purchased the product from AliXpress then Ali Express has 7 product shipping methods.  You can bring freight and merchandise to your address from Ali Express. 

However, it will take 30 to 45 days for free shipping . If you want to get the product more in advance then extra payment will have to be made as delivery charge.  In that case you will receive the product in maximum one to three days.  If you have purchased more than one product, then of course you can arrange to bring the shipping address to the country via extra payment system. If you buy a few products then free shipping method is good.

How to shipped online purchased products to your address:

 When you create an account you have to enter your home number, street number, city and post code.  Seller will ship the product to the address you provide.  In this case you can trucking the whole product.  When you pay the price you will be given a trucking ID.  This ID allows you to monitor the product at all times.  You can see where the product is and the location.  When the product arrives at the post office of your address, the postmaster will deliver the item to your home.

 How mach VAT/customs will pay on my online purchased product:

When you purchase products from worldwide e-commerce website, the product will be shipped directly from that country to your country.  Customs deductions will be checked when the product enters your country.  If VAT is paid on the specified product then you will have to pay the full amount. A paper will be sent to the postmaster to pay the VAT.  You will sign the paper and pay the VAT. 

But the amount of VAT on a product is determined by the customs of the country.  Also if you purchase the product for your own use then you will get the full VAT on hand.  If the customs officer thinks that you have brought goods to the country for business, you must pay VAT.

Refund policy after purchasing the online product:

 When the product is shipped to your address, when you receive the product in your hand, after seeing the product it seems that the product is not good.  You can contact the website and accept the refund.  That is, if you do not like your product, you will get a full refund. This type of refund is called a refund policy. Ali Express.com, a website that complies with Refund Policy, is a popular online e-commerce medium for Ali Express Refund Policy.

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