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How Bollywood Music Transformed Over the Decades

If you tune in to a Bollywood melody from the 1960s and contrast it with a tune from 2010, does it not sound and look changed? 

Regardless of whether it be the music, the video, the verses, acting style, dressing, or whatever else. Throughout the long term, Bollywood Music has gone through significant changes. 

Gaanap believes, Bollywood isn’t anything without its routine arrangements. Moving around trees, twirling across the valleys and mountains is the thing that Bollywood has consistently been known for. Nowadays, numerous arrangers are making remixes of the old tunes and the guiltlessness of the days gone by songs can’t be found any longer, yet innovation has made a lot of new things conceivable.

1950’s the Decade of Close Shots and Eye Movements

Recall melodies like ‘Pyar Hua Ikrar Hua..’, ‘Aye DilMujhe Bata De..’, ‘SaiyanDil Mein Aana Re…’ or ‘O NigaheMastana?’ Every one of them got a huge success. What makes individuals love them till today? There is no marvelousness, fabulousness, no counterfeit method to pull in individuals. It’s simply the straightforwardness of the looks, dressing, and acting that makes them evergreen hits. 

Most tunes during the 1950s were shot in static edges and the spotlight would be on the eyes and eyebrows, the face and developments with a couple of significant cut-ins of the moon, the stars, or the blossoms and leaves. The eyes would communicate everything. Eyes were the most impressive weapons controlled by entertainers back then.

1960s- The Decade of Dancing Queens

Moving melodies turned out to be very well known during the 1960s. Moving had alternate importance in the films of the ’60s and dance groupings were keenly positioned. 

Elegant and excellent entertainers like Vyjanthimala, WaheedaRehman, and Mala Sinha were additionally all around prepared in old style dance structures moved in the motion pictures. Their moving was an approach to communicate delight and had nothing revolting about it. Watch melodies like HothonPeAisiBaat, Raat Khadi ThiChhatPe, PiyaToseNainaLage Re, and Hansta Hua NooraniChehra to encounter the kind of the ’60s.

1970s- The Decade of Bold Glances and Glamour

1970’s seen everything. From being known as the period of the nightclub to the time of sentiment, intense looks, and a great deal of style. Someplace, the bashful and coy entertainers of the ’50s appeared to have evaporated away. 

You’ll go over a lot of gathering tracks including heartfelt just as men’s club numbers. The men’s club melodies in the 70’s movies were either set at the peak for adding some rush or you can see the entertainers performing it inside the scoundrel’s cave. Not all entertainers performed it. Just the prepared ones like Helen could be seen doing it. Their penetrating looks and body developments spellbound everybody. Appreciate melodies like “PiyaTu Ab ToAaja, MeraNaam Hain Shabnam, ChuraLiya Hain Tumne Jo DilKo, O Mere DilKe Chain, Main JatYamlaPaglaDeewana to understand what Bollywood Music was similar to during the 1970s.

1980s- The Decade of Disco and Intense Romance

R.D Burman is said to have governed over the 80s. The main contrast between the 70s and 80s is that in the 80’s movies there were no different entertainers doing the dance successions. It was the lead champion who did it. ZeenatAman and Parveen Babi were the most sought-after entertainers who moved and acted similarly well. 

The decade saw a ton of furor for disco and disco numbers were getting famous. Mithun Chakraborty’s I’m a disco artist was practically similar to an innovator. Individuals adored it such a lot that they moved like insane while watching it in the film lobbies and certain corridors were accounted for to have separated.

LataMangeshkar, Asha Bhonsle, and Kishore Kumar kept on enchanting with their voices. New artists like Yesudas, Anwar, Bhupinder Singh, and Hemlata started building up themselves. Amitabh Bachchan, Shashi Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor, Sridevi, Amrita Singh, MeenakshiSeshadri, and a ton of different entertainers arose to give a face to these huge voices. Bachchan’s melodies were activity pressed just as heartfelt though the Kapoors must be seen charming their women. Janu Meri Jaan, AapJaisa Koi, Laila O Laila, RaatBaaqiBaatBaaqui, I’m a Disco Dancer, DekhaEkKhwab, and so forth are a couple of Bollywood melodies addressing the 1980’s.

1990s- The Decade of Celebrations and Fast Music

The 1990s being the latest decade of the century, seen the greatest changes regarding innovation and picturization. Some trendy entertainers and entertainers flew in and the old ones cleared a path for the new sparkling stars. The “Khans” Salman, Shahrukh, Amir, and Saif alongside entertainers Madhuri, Karishma, SonaliBendre, Manisha Koirala, Tabu, Kajol, Urmila Matondkar, and so on became onscreen top picks. 

Onscreen sentiment got dauntless and things which were viewed as strong were excessively normal. Family shows and celebratory motion pictures like Hum Sath Hain were top choices. Pretty much every peak or circumstance wound up in singing and moving. The number of dance arrangements in a film went up so much that individuals would now and again get bothered. TV opened up to private creations and VCR just as link networks made the tunes contact a more extensive crowd.

2000s- The Decade That Took Us Far Away From Reality

The Twenty-First century concocted music, all things considered, however as the number of motion pictures delivered went up, the topic of the movies debased. Stores of good motion pictures were delivered during the 2000s, yet a considerable lot of them appeared to be withdrawn from the real world. The syntheses turned out to be uproarious. The moves were fast. A great deal of skin showing got typical. 

Aishwarya Rai and Hrithik Roshan transformed into the most loved Bollywood pair given their dazzling dance moves and extraordinary acting. The Khans kept winning hearts with their Romance or exceptional jokes. Aishwarya Rai, Priyanka Chopra, VidyaBalan, BipashaBasu, and a lot of new entertainers enchanted us with their ability. Joyfully Ever After tunes in the movies from the 2000s caused us to feel better. Karan Johar’sKabhiKhushiKabhiGham was the most all-around acclaimed film of this decade.

2010’s- The Decade of Remixes and Item Numbers In A New Avatar

These 10 years gave us the absolute most famous thing numbers got together with a great deal of activity. These thing tunes turned into the heart-pulsate of each gathering. Simply the start of the decade brought Sheila Ki Jawani and MunniBadnam Hui. 

The courageous women have appeared from an alternate perspective. The camera spotlight would be on the bodies and before you could perceive how well they play out, the shot would have two or multiple times. The tunes lost all significance. The nature of verses corrupted and nothing remained at that point but to watch the truly amazing RanbirDeepika, RanveerAnushka, Varun Alia, Siddharth, and Jaqueline look like decked up life-sized models even while playing Holi, battling or working out. Remixes like Laila O Laila helped us to remember Sunny Leone influencing and shaking to an acclaimed tune made mainstream by ZeenatAman’s smooth moves. 

Whatever the case be, even this decade saw a couple of promising lyricists like SwanandKirkire whose shrewd verses have fitted wonderfully into the meters of melodies from films like Barfi, HazaronKhwahishenAisi, Munna Bhai, English Vinglish, 3 imbeciles, and so forth 

Regardless of whether the old melodies or the new tunes, each tune has something great about it. Every one of them is a piece of workmanship, yet we by one way or another miss the Melodies from the former times, when close-ups would be tied in with shooting the facial and eye articulations of the bashful courageous women and expressive saints. Nowadays, it’s about closeups of the legend or courageous woman’s abs and legs. Prior, the lyricists set aside a great deal of effort to make verses with profound importance and none of it would be deluding, yet these days, the vast majority of the verses don’t bode well and are made only for its hell. The new decade that has recently started has sort of moved to the OTT stages and the music will be going through heaps of new changes.

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