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The packaging of any product has been transformed into more customized and personalized boxing. The monotonous and boring packaging boxes have become obsolete and people prefer a custom-designed box. We provide custom cigarette boxes in various sizes. The modifiable sizes enable the company to think out of the box and play with a number of products inside. The creation of custom design boxes is done in different designs. We listen to the demands of the brand and provide them with the product they desire.

The boxes of cigarettes could be changed from the usual packaging in which the cigarettes are being sold for ages. Cigarette boxes could be square, rectangle, pentagon, or cylindrical. The type of box also brings the difference in the number of sales as the drawer type, sleeve box or two-layered front tuck box is way fancier than the conventional packaging of cigarettes. For a more convenient and elite packaging of cigarettes, the inserts could be added to the box.


The business growth of any brand highly depends upon the packaging of the product. The companies are striving not only to improve the quality of the product but the packaging also. The standing out factor of any product is depending on the boxing style. The unique customized boxes will help in boosting the sales of a company. Digital marketing has made awareness among the audience to be sure of their choice and selection. Custom Boxes Plus provides the box with premium quality and exquisite style of packaging which makes the brand pronounced among other ordinary cigarette companies.

The box in which a product is delivered to the customer represents the quality of the product inside. If the packaging is detailed and thoughtful it shows how the brand focuses on excellence. The judgment criteria have changed from basic to fancy in terms of packaging.

Free Of Cost Graphic Design and Printing

Our company manufactures custom cigarette boxes with unique styling and printing. We care about our customers and want them to be relieved as much as they could be.  The graphic designing team is here to help and there are no extra charges for print designing. The design and type of the box are further enhanced in terms of captivation by the exclusive printing and visuals.

The visual and graphic patterns on the box are made up of soothing and eye-catchy vibrant colors. The customers love the lucidity of the brand. A short and precise description of smoking with its manufacturing ingredients and hazards should be printed on the box. The box could be finished with a matte or glossy lamination. The UV spot treatment is available for adding extra depth and class to the custom box. The printing is water-resistant and does not smudge.

Main tense of Quality Product

A cigarette is a sensitive product in terms of its use. If the quality of tobacco inside is damaged it would not only hinder the deliverance of required effects but also could be hazardous. The packaging box has a purpose to protect the product inside. The lightweight custom cigarette boxes are highly durable. The corrugated material used in the crafting of boxes gives them strength and helps the box retain its form. The box keeps the cigarettes in their original form even if stored for longer periods of time. The boxes do not let the moisture enter inside and keep the cigarettes moisture-free. The product inside is kept safe from all the kind of impurities. If the cigarettes are damaged in the boxes the packaging company is held responsible and causes the loss of customers. We provide well-crafted custom boxes with premium quality which ensures the safety of the product in addition to the distinctive designs.

Free Shipment

We lessen the burden from the cigarette companies by taking the responsibility of shipping. Shipment is a tedious process that not only requires money but also energy and time. The brands have to worry about the timely delivery and waste a lot of resources on it. Our company is striving to facilitate the customers as much as we can. Talking about facilitation, we provide free reliable shipment to all our customers. There is no order limit to avail of this amazing offer. The shipment system is fast and reliable. We make sure the delivery of our packaging cigarette boxes in their original form without any damage. The shipment could be flat or assembled according to the need of the customer. There are no hidden charges for delivery.

Wholesale Discount

Another big feature our company is providing our customers with is economical prices. The attractive packaging markets have escalated their prices with compromised quality for the cigarette boxes. Our company provides premium quality packaging boxes at the most affordable prices. Further discounts are offered on bulk purchases. There is no order limitation to get yourself a Custom Pre Roll Boxes. The wholesale purchases save handling time and energy. The discounts on the wholesale purchases would result in an extra profit to be earned on a single piece. Often it is thought that a discount and bulk sale would be due to the compromised quality of the product. We ensure the standardized product even in bulk orders. Quality over quantity is the motto of our company.

Environment Friendly Material

With increasing worldwide pollution problems and depleting resources of the Earth we need to be careful with the products we use. The material we use for crafting of boxes is Ecofriendly and helps to keep the Earth green and protected. The cardboard and corrugated material enables the easy disposal. The material after being wasted is converted into soil over the years and hence leads to the replenishment of nutrients. The material used is biodegradable. The companies using plastic and other harmful products for the manufacturing of cigarette boxes are a threat to our ecosystem. The plastic upon degradation emits harmful and toxic gases.


customboxesplus has set up an efficient and vigilant customer representative team. The team responds to all the problems presented to them by various brands. We enable you a satisfactory experience of packaging. The design and requirements are being communicated by the team. We are providing the best of services within economical range.

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