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Food for Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that is largely dependent on our diet. It is known that people with diabetes have more than twice the chance of suffering from heart disease, mental disorders, such as depression. It is vary important that what is the food for diabetes?

But in most cases type-2 diabetes (which requires no insulin, only drugs are treated) is controllable and in some cases curable. To prevent diabetes – not to prevent yourself from eating all kinds of foods or eating fun foods. This means that all foods can be eaten, but to a lesser extent, so that your mood and energy are adjusted.

What is a good diabetic diet?

Whatever you eat for diabetes control, your nutritional needs are the same as everyone else’s. It does not require any separate food. But you need to choose the food list wisely. Be careful, especially in foods such as carbohydrates or sugars.

Losing 3-5% body weight will often reduce blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar naturally, which is a key factor in preventing diabetes. Regular exercise and moderate eating – as your body helps to keep it relaxed, your fatigue, mental well-being and rules will lead to a better life – which can be prevented with diabetes control. The bottom line is that you have to take control of your diabetes yourself.

Overweight or obesity acts as an effector for diabetes. Especially type-2 diabetes. Most of the fat in our body is stored in the stomach, which is surrounded by the esophagus and liver (liver) and it inhibits the body’s insulin release. You will then understand that you are at risk of diabetes when you see that the waistband for women – 5 inches and 5 inches for men is equal or greater. Additional sugars rich foods like soda, processed foods like donuts, chips, sports drinks, cereals, chocolates, energy drinks, soft drinks, etc. help to accumulate fat around the stomach and into the esophagus. Diabetes can be largely prevented by cutting down or reducing sugar-rich foods.

Planning food for diabetes

A diabetic diet does not mean that you abstain from your favorite foods. First of all, you need to choose food wisely.

Some Myths or Misconceptions food for diabetes-

I have to skip all sweets?

No, you can always eat your favorite sugar-rich foods, but in a modest and understanding way. For example, you can’t eat sweet yogurt or custard if you want. You can eat, but be careful so that it is included in the list of healthy foods.

Need to skip sugary foods

You have to take into account the amount of sugar you are consuming. Keep in mind that starch-rich foods such as bread, rice or rice, pasta, oats, etc. in the leaves contain barley, brown or red rice rice, wheat or wheat grains. Because cereal foods have a greater role in controlling blood sugar.

I need to eat a special diabetic diet

The fundamentals of nutritious food apply to everyone, no matter whether you are diabetic or non-diabetic, expensive and special diabetic foods (which are available in the market) do not play a very important role in controlling diabetes.

More protein-rich foods are better

Studies have shown that excess protein, especially in animal protein, plays a role in insulin resistance, which reduces the activity of the hormone, a key regulator of sugar. The main thing is to eat a diet rich in sugars, fats, and fats, regardless of their balanced distribution.

Specifically, diabetes-friendly foods made from natural foods or unprocessed foods or unprocessed foods and packet foods.

What foods for diabetes to eat more

What foods for diabetes to eat more,Food for Diabetes
  • Useful fats, such as nuts, olive wells, fish oils etc.
  • Vegetables and Fruits – Mainly clean, fresh and colorful vegetables are good.
  • Eat more fruit than juice.
  • Native fish and chicken.
  • Good protein foods – eggs, low fat milk, talk yogurt etc.

Do not eat less than you eat for diabetes

  • Deep fry meal or over cooked food
  • Packaged fast food, especially those containing sugar, baking foods, sweets, desserts, chips, etc.
  • White bread, sugary cereals, processed pasta or rice
  • Processed fish or meat
  • High Fats and Slow Release Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates have a huge role in our body, it regulates the levels of sugar in the body, even its role is higher than fat or protein. So you have to be careful about what kind of sugar you are consuming. In addition to processing sugars, such as white bread, sugary cereals, processed pasta or rice, soda, sweet, packaged foods should be specially taken care of. Slow release should be towards slow release carbohydrates and high fiber foods. They slowly mix with the blood in the body, which helps to slowly release insulin.

What is Glycemic Index?

It acts as a measure of blood sugar in the blood. It is known that the levels of sugar are increasing or decreasing. Glycemic index is determined by the amount of sugar in different foods. Be aware of diabetes by consuming low glycemic index rich foods. Diabetes patients need to know the glycemic index of food (GI), it is low in foods with low GI, low in moderate GI foods 3-5 and high in high GI foods 3, and diabetic people should eat low GI foods.

Of course, no real ideas have been made so far in this regard, it is seen that many are consuming low GI drugs, which may be making matters worse. Various studies have shown that diabetes is more important in controlling the diet according to the doctor’s advice, rather than relying on GI.

Be careful with sugary food for diabetes

A diabetic diet does not mean that it controls or destroys your body’s sugar. If you are afflicted with diabetes, you can eat all the common sugars, but the rules are moderate and modest.

Such as-

You can put a small amount of sugar in the table of daily foods.
If the list of foods is sweet, do not eat white bread, rice or pasta. Can eat dessert
You can keep a small amount of balanced fat rich foods, fat helps to digest food slowly. You can put peanut butter, cheese, tuck yogurt or almonds in such foods.
Eat sugar foods with other balanced foods, just refrain from eating sweets. Because just by eating sweets, it suddenly increases blood sugar levels.
Enjoy the food, enjoy every bit of it, no matter how much you eat a little sweet, as well as notice what you’re eating, when you’re eating and how often.

How to reduce sugar intake for diabetes?

Soft drinks and juices – One bottle (20 ml) of soft drinks or juice per day raises blood sugar levels by about 5 percent. You can drink lemon syrup or orange juice instead. Instead of sugary milk tea, you can drink sugarless color tea.

Saturated fats and sugar – Avoid saturated fat foods, such as sugarcane-rich foods, in your daily diet list. Many of us think eating sweet foods instead of milk will satisfy its needs, but it’s a misconception. One glass of milk daily meets most of the body’s nutritional needs.

Add sweets to your meal – Talk yogurt, color tea, oatmeal, etc. There is no common sugar in the food. You can mix a small amount of sweet fruit, or a small amount of sugar if you like.

Selection of processed foods – In terms of packaged foods, keep in mind the amount of sugar in it. Choose low-sugar foods. Especially chips, soft drinks, biscuits, etc. The best is to take home-made food.

Importance of Flavor Instead of Sugar in Food – Add mint, vanilla, olives and flavors to reduce sugar levels by one-third or one-fourth.

Otherwise enjoy the full taste of food – eg frozen bananas, black chocolate, etc. instead of ice cream.

Selection of fatty food for diabetes

As fat is harmful to health, it has many multiples, so be careful in selecting fat-rich foods –

Unhealthy fat – The worst fat is this (processed trans fat). Avoid processed packet foods, fried foods in animal oil – chips, burgers, etc.

Healthy fats – unsaturated fats are the best; their main sources are fish and plants; Such as olive oil, almond oil, etc. Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids, which help to prevent various diseases as well as keep the brain and heart healthy.

Saturated fat – usually the source of various dairy products, red meat, tropical oil. It can be eaten, but calculated.

How to Avoid Unhealthy Fat for diabetes ?

You can eat nuts or seeds instead of chips or crackers. Peanut butter is better than ordinary butter or butter.
Instead of frying the food, you can eat fried, cooked foods or baked foods in light oil.
Avoid packaged foods, processed foods.
Instead of red meat (eg beef), you can eat skinless chicken, fish, eggs, and vegetable protein without saffron.
You can use olive oil in pasta, vegetables and salads.
Sandwiches, burgers, etc. have unsaturated fat in the meat, adding vegetables instead of meat will make the food different.
Consume moderate dairy foods.

Regular food for diabetes intake and meal list preparation

The funny thing is that with just 5% body weight, the chances of getting diabetes are reduced by half. It does not require a lot of awareness. It is possible to reduce the likelihood of getting diabetes by simply taking the rules and preparing the list of what you are eating or being aware.

  • Start the day with a healthy breakfast – it will add strength to the day as well as keep your blood sugar regular. As a snack, 2 cups of red flour, 1 cup of egg and 5 cups of milk in addition to vegetables is sufficient for breakfast.
  • For lunch, 3 cups of rice, 1/4 cup of vegetables, fish or meat, 3 pies and salad like amount is sufficient.
  • For dinner, 1/4 cup bread, 3 cups vegetables and 5 pies of chicken or chicken is sufficient.
  • Eat a few meals – Do not eat more than 5 times the maximum. In this way, it is easy to keep track of food intake.
  • Regular calorie intake – Eat regularly on demand. Refrain from avoiding any one bale’s meal. Suppose you play more in the morning without eating at night, it is not desirable. Avoidance of food varies the levels of blood sugar.

Diary food for diabetes

One study found that people who made food diaries, lost their weight loss rate, almost twice as much as those who did not. By creating a food diary, you will understand which foods you are deficient in and which foods are being eaten the most. In this way, by creating self awareness you can prepare the list of foods yourself.

Work-wise every day

Begin the morning with exercise. Walking 5 minutes the next day or 5 minutes intervals for a total of 5 minutes increases the body’s insulin activity. In addition to walking, moderate levels of exercise, swimming, cycling, rope jumping, blood sugar levels are tolerable.

Therefore, special precautions have to be taken to control diabetes, as well as fat and nourishment foods, write a list of what you are eating through the preparation of a healthy diet or diary, and weight loss and regular exercise through diabetes will affect anyone with diabetes. Can greatly reduce the likelihood or the level of diabetes.

Diabetes is called pancreas if the body does not produce the right insulin or disrupts the proper functioning of insulin in the body. Patients with this disease often urinate; Feeling more thirsty and repeatedly dry mouth

10 Best food for diabetes

10 Best food for diabetes,Green Tea for diabetes
10 Best food for diabetes

Green Tea for diabetes

When diabetes goes beyond certain levels, it causes serious harm to the body. Therefore, after controlling for the disease, it is best to be in control. For this, strict rules and regulations are required. In addition, some foods also help the diabetes patient stay healthy. There are some foods that prevent diabetes. Green tea acts as insulin in the human body; It helps to prevent diabetes.

Fish for diabetes

Wild salmon is one of the herb foods for diabetics. It contains high levels of omega-1. It is a major source of fatty acids. In addition to diabetes, wild salmon also reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Studies show that fish omega-3 fatty acids help improve insulin sensitivity. It helps reduce the risk of diabetes by lowering the concentration of glucose. It contains lean protein

Sour yogurt for diabetes

Talk yogurt is a healthy diet. The amount of sugar in it is very low. It helps reduce the amount of sugar in the blood. Talk yogurt can be eaten with lunch or with sandwiches in the afternoon. It helps to prevent diabetes.

Egg whites for diabetes

Eggs are the food that forms the muscles. It contains high quality protein. Egg whites contain high quality fat protein and low carbohydrates which help to prevent type 2 diabetes.

Lemon for diabetes

Lemon and lemon fruit work to prevent diabetes. Studies show that the lack of vitamin C in the body has the risk of diabetes. However, vitamin C deficiency is met by playing lemon fruit. Lemons, oranges, lemons and limes act as insulin to control diabetes.

Greens for diabetes

Greens reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Meals such as couch leaf, leaf copy, turnips, cauliflower, cabbage, lettuce leaves etc. are low in calories and carbohydrates. According to the study, the risk of diabetes by eating greens is reduced by 5 percent.

Grain for diabetes

In the daily diet, cereals control the level of sugar in the blood of the human body. As a result, the chances of diabetes are reduced. It also helps in controlling diabetes.

Nuts for diabetes

Studies show that peanuts reduce the risk of diabetes by up to 20 percent. On the daily diet list, 5 ounces of walnuts or peanuts works wonderfully to prevent diabetes. Regularly eating nuts reduces the risk of heart disease.

Beans for diabetes

One of the most useful foods for diabetes patients is beans. Studies show that drinking 1 cup (0.24 l) of beans a day reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes. It contains high levels of sugars, lean proteins and fats. It helps reduce sugar in the blood of the body; Beans also reduces the chances of heart disease.

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