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Charge of bank account . All account charge/ determine systam .

When you Open a bank account and the bank will set a charge on you for this account.  This charge by the bank may be due to various reasons. Its called Bank account charge/fee.

  Generally, savings accounts and current accounts are the most popular and common.  Savings account determines bank charges per current account.  Moreover, the bank will determine the charges for various reasons. Now we are going to know about what is the charge of bank .

1.  How to create Bank account charge ?

 The bank usually charges on the savings account and the current account.  Every 6 months afterwards, your bank will have to pay a charge against your account. It will be deducted from your account. Or you can pay the bank. 

Usually charges are set in July and December.  Now, suppose you open an account two days before July, like May 29th to 30th, you will now have to pay the amount charged to that account.  That is, if you open an account on January 1, you will have to pay the exact amount of the charge even if you open the account on May 30.  This is the rule of the bank.  This rule applies regardless of the bank you visit. 

Therefore, in one word, the account is charged every 6 months consecutively.

  2. Savings account charge ?

 You can open a savings account with a small amount of money.  However, the savings account will be charged to the bank for a fixed amount.  Payments will be generate from your bank account for 6 months consecutively.   But let’s not know how much money will be charged to the bank for the savings account:

Put (1-4999) taka charge of bank bank :

 If you have less than Rs 5,000 in your bank within 6 months of opening the account.  That means if you have 4999 rupees, then the bank will not charge you any amount.  It is completely free. That is, from 1 taka to 4999 rupees, you do not have to pay any charge to account.

 2. (5000-24,999) taka charge in bank .

  If you have a bank balance of up to Rs 25,000 from Tk 5,000, you have to pay Taka 100 in 6 months.  (Plus 15% VAT to be paid).  That is, if your bank has five thousand to 24 thousand 999 taka, you will have to pay the bank charge of Taka 115 every six months or the bank will deduct 115 taka from you after 6 months from your account.

 3 ‌.  (25000+) 25 thousand + charge in bank .

 If you have any money above 25,000+ in your savings account, you have to pay 300 rupees every six months in the bank.  (Plus 15% VAT will apply) That means if your bank starts at Tk 25,000+, you have to pay Tk 345, no matter how much money you have, after every six months.  Or the bank will deduct Rs 345 from your account every 6 months in a row.

 3.  What is the charge to the current account?

The current account VAT is slightly higher.  The bank is required to provide you a fixed amount of charges for the account every six months.  If you have a current account, you get 500 taka every 6 months.  And with (15% VAT) will apply. 

Moreover, if your bank has a balance of over one lakh rupees within six months, then Afghan charges will apply to that account. In that case you will have to pay a higher amount.  So, if you have a current account, then you have to pay (500 rupees + 15% VAT) every six months. You also do not have to pay any charges to the bank.

 Also, money is deducted from many bank accounts.  To my knowledge, many charge more than 1500 – 2000 rupees from their account.  In their case, there are more services available.  Those services determine the maximum amount of charges.  Let’s not know what to charge for more:

4.  Charge of using bank card .

 If you open a bank account, Bank will be given ATM card (ATM) free for one year.  If you want to get an ATM card, you can get free for the first year.  After one year, the prescribed fee will start.  Different banks set different fees.  There are different types of ATM cards fees starting at Rs 315. In addition,

If you want to get a Visa Card / MasterCard instead of an ATM (ATM) card, you have to pay the fees fixed by the bank from the first year.  In that case the visa or mastercard determines any charges starting from Rs 575.

  Currently some banks offer Visa Card Free for the first year.  The card I am currently using is a Free Visa Card for one year.  In addition, if you use a dual currency card, you will be charged a higher fee. 

Now if you have a savings account or a current account and you use a card with that account, you have to pay an extra fee.  Thus the bank determines the charge.  The charge for this card will be deducted directly from your account.  However, the charges for the account will be paid after 6 months, but you will have to pay for the card after 1 year.

 5. Check book using fees on bank ?

 If you want to use the check book with your account, you will need to pay a charge. There is no specific charge on the check book.  The charge on the check book is determined, depending on how many pages you are using the check book.  Usually the check book costs 5 bucks per page.  However, different banking (3-8) charges up to Rs.  It depends entirely on the bank.

 6.  What is the charge of bank for SMS service?

No matter what type of bank account you open, all your account information will be sent to your mobile SIM card.  The bank determines a certain amount of charge for such SMS service.  Which will be deducted from your account.  Banks usually charge a median charge of Rs 150-350.
 That is, all your bank information will be sent to your mobile SIM.  That is why the bank will deduct some amount from you as a charge.

 7 ‌.  How much VAT does the bank determine on the bank account?

 Banks do not have to pay any VAT if they have less than one lakh taka.  If you have more than 1 lakh taka in your bank account, then the Afghani charges will apply.  You will also need to pay some VAT on your e-tin certificate.  If you have an e-tin certificate then you have to pay 10% positive and 15% pays VAT if you do not have e-tin certificate.  These generally apply to your fixed deposit account.  There is no need for Teen Certificate in case of Savings Account and Current Account.

 They usually do not have to pay any kind of work from the bank for doing such work.

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