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Earn money from apps . Online earning apps .

Nowadays we see many types of apps.
It is possible to earn with apps ? .  In fact, you need to have an accurate idea to apps related earning .whether you will benefit or be harmed by doing so.  Let’s not know how profitable it is to make money with apps

There are various apps that tell you can earn up to a thousand dollar in every day by looking at the ads .

Here’s what you need to know to make income by looking at Ads in Apps:

1. Is It Really A Real Income Site?

2.  Can it actually withdrawn with income from money?

3.  Is there any possibility of Life Time Income with this site?

4 ‌.  Is there any chance that your phone and account will be damaged ?

If you want to know the answer to these four questions above then the possibility of earning apps is not really correct.  Because there are many types of websites for making income from ads, actually seeing ads is basically a fraudulent account.  Through which you will earn a bit of income but you also get about 5 to 6 times the income of the owner of the apps

How to income the Apps woner by Viewing Ads?

Currently the most popular apps provided by Google Adsense Company.  The policy for visiting Google Adsense apps is , if someone clicks on the ad displayed, he / she will get ($. 36+) dollars per click.  Another principle is that if a person or a smart phone clicks more than 3 click in 1 hour, then the owner of those apps will be deprived of the adsance program .

How to Create Income Apps by Ads?

Suppose a person can create apps that make it very easy for them.  And suppose you can’t buy apps that have to be purchased by an app developer.  Suppose he bought an app developer for $ 30 and made such an app.  Usually you have to pay $ 25 for publishing apps in the Pay Store. You will never find such apps on the Play Store, even if you receive them, you will find that they are not available in the Play Store in three months.

Since he has created an app.  Now it has to promot when it builds . it will say to many big youtubers in your country as a means of promoting it, that you will give me $ 100 in exchange for a video about my apps.

Then when youtube reviews the app, it will reach you directly.  When you install the app and after registering you will see that this app will definitely have an option named Refer, this Refer option is a must have of all types of apps seen in the app because they want to promote it as soon as possible.

Or it may be said that with registration you will get 100 taka or more when you login, you will see that the minimum 100+, 150 250 will be able to do the first Widro when deposited.

Now you start working very carefully.  Every day you see 50 ad and in return you get $10
But you didn’t realize that the owner of these apps took the money from you (50 × $ .36). You get $10 per referral.
When you have money to withdraw into your account, you must withdraw your first working amount soon . since you will receive the first withdrawal money in your hands and you will want to share it with your friend and if you make a reference you will pay $5 .  So you’ll want to share it with everyone.

It turns out you referred 10 of your friends, and then you referred ten more to that friend.  In this way the number will gradually increase.

And when the Google AdSense company learns this process, they will cancel it.  And then you can no longer work from that site.  In my view, one of the earning apps today is usually no more than three months.

Google Adsense account is cancel there account . Noe you find out whether they have any profit or loss?

When Google canceled the account, it would take about three months to cancel, the work they did with you in these three months would be about 8 to 9 thousents dolar . suppose these apps were used by 100 people then their income is $900000.  If the account is now canceled, then the maximum amount of their profits was $850000. when thay make a website there loss is $ 25 to create such an app, and $ 100 to pay Youtube for a total of $ 125.  But the amount of his income was more and more than $850000 .

Harmfull effict to earning apps and showing ads :

When you install, they will ask you for different permissions, such as your ownto make

Storage permissions
Phone call permissions
Location permission Etc.

When you take a withdraw,
  then you need to use payment password.  And they can copy the password to your phone by copying it.  Later on, your chances of losing money from development can go away.  Even any account may have the potential to be hacked.  Otherwise, you will bring your own loss.  And on the day of intoxication you are becoming associated with an invalid.

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