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Durga Puja Online permission

The great festival Sri Durga Puja is going to start from the 21st of this month. However, there were many questions among the people about Durga Puja Online permission in this year. 

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Many thought that this time Durga will not be worshipped. Or even if it will be in a limited form. However, Durga Puja online permission has been obtained. 

As per Durga Puja permission, Chief Ministers of various states of India have given permission to perform Durga Puja. In this case, some conditions have to be complied with.

The most popular Chief Minister of India is Sri Yogi Adityanath who has commented on Durga Puja. According to his comments, this time Durga Puja will be performed. 

Since, during the Karna epidemic, everyone has to perform Durga Puja carefully. In this case, all the warnings about Corona have to be complied with.

There are no hard and fast rules for Durga Puja to be performed in the same way as every time. No negative information was found about Durga Puja permission online.

 The permissions given online have said that this time Durga Puja will be performed. And Durga Puja will be performed exactly as in the coming years with the same rules. However, personal caution must be exercised during the Coronavirus epidemic.

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