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Credit card all information , Good or bad side and fecilitys .

 Credit card is a type of card that the bank will provide to you for a specified period of time.  With this card, you can pay any bill or buy any item in your bank without having any money in the bank account.

In a word, the word credit means loan and the card is made of plastic . The body of thr card have 16 desit number , CVC number and your number .

Everything you can know about this post:

1. What are the benefits of a credit card?

2.  How much money can be taken on a credit card?  / What is a Credit Card Limit?

3. Students credit card benefits ?

4. Fixed deposit credit card facility?

5.  What is the annual charge of the credit card?

6.  credit card bill paymant facility .

7.  How Is Credit Card Bill Payment Regulated?

8. How to get a credit card?

9. Which bank can get the most benefits of cradit card ?

10.  How much credit card can you get?

11. What are the disadvantages of a credit card?

12. What is benefit of bank from a credit card?

1. What are the benefits of credit card?

  Before getting a credit card, you need to know what benefits they have.  If you have a card , you can buy a product at a shopping mall despite having no money in hand.  Moreover, you can pay different bills at different times.  Suppose you have no money but you have a card in a certain limit, then you can use this card to make payment.  Of course, after using a certain amount of money, you will have to pay these payments to the bank within a certain period of the following month.

There are also EMI facilities.  Which you will not find in any other dabit card. There is no EMI facilities of debit card, ATM card, master card .

# What action will the bank take if the victim of card fraud?

If you have a fault transaction, the bank will be responsible for taking full legal action.  Suppose you go to the market with huge money , and your money is lost or taken away, you are solely responsible for it.  But if you are a victim of buying a product by card then it is the responsibility of the bank to take legal action on the fraud.

2. How much card can be taken in a limited amount?  / What is a Credit Card Limit?

If you use any type of cradit in any bank, The bank will be given a taken card with a specific limit.  If your card limit is $30,000, you can use a maximum of $30,000 for a month.  You can never use it for more than a month.  If your card limit is $50000-$1000000 then you will be able to use the maximum amount of money in one month.

If you have a job and your monthly salary is $375 to $275 you will undoubtedly get a card of $650 limit.

3. Students cradit card benefits ?

Even if you do not know the bank, no credit card facility will be provided for the students.  Credit cards are considered to be usable only for those who have had a monthly income . since the card is not usually given to students. as there is no monthly income for the students.  However, if you have fixed deposit as a student then student may be given a credit card because of that fixed deposit.

4 . What is Fixed deposit ceadit card facility?

If you make a fixed deposit at a bank, you must be given a credit card.  If you do not pay your card charges on time, the card authorities will deduct the money from your fixed deposit.
  If you are a student and have an account with Fixed Deposit, you can get a card.

5.  What is the annual charge of the credit card?

There are several types of annual charges for credit cards.  There are different types of credit cards, such as single currency and dual currency.
  If you use a single currency credit card, the charge will be slightly lower.  And if you use a dual currency credit card, the charge will be slightly higher. 

At present, dual currency credit cards are issued to various banks.
  However, it is not yet clear exactly how much the card will sometimes charge for the money.  May change the rule of charge at any time.
  That’s why when you apply for a card, you can contact the bank directly or call their helpline to get help.

6. Credit card bill paymant facility .

Credit cards allow you to pay all types of bills.  In this case you can pay gas bills, electricity bills, wifi bills, any fees to any other bank.  Moreover, you can pay your card charge with another credit card.

7.  How Is Credit Card Bill Payment system or Regulated?

Suppose your gas bill has been repaid for a month and you have not paid the next month, you will be able to repay it with a credit card, you will be able to repay the card within a certain period.

Credit card billing systems are usually regulated within one month.  If you spend the same amount of money, or less, or whatever amount of your limit, you have to pay it within the next 30 days.  If you use it this month, you’ll have to pay the card fee between the date 22th-27th of the following month.  If you fail to major within that due date, a separate charge sheet will be created on you, in which case you will have to pay a fine.

8. How to get a credit card?

You must be a jobber to get a card.  In this case, you can be a fourth-class jobber, from a first-class officer to a fourth-class officer.  Of course you have to prove it through different methods.
You can apply for a card if your monthly salary can be any Amount starting at $150 .


To apply for a card you will need: –

  Photocopy / driving license / passport of national identity card
  Two copies photo
   A nominee will be needed.
  In addition, you need to prove the address to prove that your information is correct.  In that case you can get a copy of the water bill / electricity bill.  Moreover, you will have to provide the documents to the bank as proof of the class officer / institution you are working for.  If you have these things you can apply for a card.  You can usually get a card for up to seven days.

9. Which bank can get the most benefits of cradit card ?

If you want to get a card, you must visit the bank’s website.  Or call their helpline and ask.  Now suppose a bank’s card has some discounts today, it may have changed again after some time.  In that case, when you apply for a card, you can visit the bank’s website to know thet card rule charges.

Of course, after you visit the website of four to five banks, you will decide to get your card.

10. what is the most benefite side to using cradit card .

Here’s how a card can benefit you:

  The only people who are currently employed or businessmen in our country can get credit cards.  However, in the case of employers, many get paid between 9 and 15 months a month.  Credit cards can be helpful for them. 

For example, there are rules for paying your electricity bills, water bills, or WiFi between the date of 1 to 5.  Regardless of what the other type may be, there are rules to put in the first week of the month.  If the government bills employers between 9 and 15, it is best to use credit cards to pay for these.  You pay the bill using this card. 

If you pay that money to the bank after getting the salary, then there will be no problem. In this case, the card can be used to help you.

11. What are the disadvantages of a credit card?

There is no problem with a credit card if you use it according to a bank lending rule.  But if you do not use the rules, you will be charged a large amount.  Remember, the money you used to pay is due by the 22th of the following month.  But you could not give the due charges it in the 22nd date. 

In that case, you will find that a charge of one kind applies to the money you spend.  Moreover, if you are late for paying 15 days or a month, you will find that the bank of the charge should double the amount of money you have purchased. In that case you should be very aware of this.  And have to pay within the due date.

Suppose you have two or three credit cards.  Now you spend any card money.  And next month, pay the money this credit card with another credit card.  This is a very good point but if you do so, you will find that at a certain point, the amount of money that is very high will come to you.  In that case, you may become overwhelmed.  One must be very aware of this.

12. What is benefit of bank from a credit card?

The main benefit of a bank through a card is if a delay fee applies.  Also, when you pay a  a bill, 2% positive VAT will apply.  Thus, the bank is generally profitable.



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